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What Is Wealth - Wealth Management in Burlington,Vermont

wealthandhappinessThis seems like a fairly straight forward question. What is wealth? No only what is wealth, but why would you even care about something like that?

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Topics: value creation, Focus, wealth

Go Slow To Go Fast

tandh resized 600Have you ever noticed that the faster you try to go the slower you actually go?  If so, you’re not alone. 

I find that trying to jam as much as possible into the smallest possible space never works.  Taking my time is a way for me to go faster. 

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Topics: business coaching, for business owners, Focus

Do You Cultivate Curiosity?

curiosityI bet you’ve thought about instilling a culture of innovation in your company.  Have you thought about the role curiosity plays in innovation?  I think it’s one of the main components of an innovative organization.

I consider myself to be a curious person.  I’m always interested in learning more.  I would much rather hear about you than talk about me.  I already know more than enough about me.  I find others to be way more interesting.

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Topics: cultural change, value creation, Focus

What Exactly Is Win/Win

win win partnership cartoon resized 600I’m involved in a peer-to-peer group that’s purpose is to help each other become better writers.  Sometimes we get side tracked and wander into other ares of interest.  A few weeks ago we ended up on the topic of win/win as a result of a blog post I wrote.

Some in the group were having a very hard time figuring out how win/win could fit into their lives.  They felt that they either had to win and another had to lose or they might be taken advantage of.  This couldn’t further from the truth of what win/win is really about.

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Topics: value creation, Focus, collaboration

4 Steps To Becoming Insanely Great

Discipline resized 600Good results come from being disciplined.  Great results come from fanatical discipline.  If you want extraordinary results you have to learn to become a fanatic about your habits of discipline.  Here are four things you will want to concentrate on to move from being good to being insanely great.

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Topics: concentration, business coaching, Focus

Really, You Need A Platform – Creating Value

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Topics: for business owners, value creation, Focus, niche business, niche management

Admit It…..You Can’t Multi-Task

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Topics: business coaching, value creation, communication, Focus

You Really Can Admit You Can’t Do It All

diy disaster resized 600I was recently reading a blog entry from Ajax Wooley where he was talking about his own experience with a do it yourself project.  Ajax runs a very interesting re-modeling business and has had more than his share of DIY projects he’s had to rescue.  

For many in the helping professions we’ve been in that position.  We’ve had to come in and “clean up a mess” that an amateur left behind.  Often these amateurs are clients who come to us and ask us to straighten out the “mess” they’ve caused.

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Topics: communication, Focus, learning experiences

3 Things You Need To Learn About Benchmarking

benchmarking resized 600We all know that innovation is one of the keys for success in any business.  For many benchmarking is one of the ways we believe we innovate.  Benchmarking is good and it’s important.  Is benchmarking enough to help your business move to the front of the pack?

Benchmarking is just the first step.  Yes, you should benchmark in your business.  You need to know what opportunities for your business are obvious.  You need to know how you stack up against your competition.  You need to know whether you use best practices in how you run your business.

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Topics: business coaching, Focus, innovation

5 Reasons Helping Others Adds Value To Your Life

Philanthropy resized 600I recently read Steve Farber’s book Greater than Yourself.  The premise of the book is that it’s a good thing and makes sense to help others become better at things than you are.

When I first heard about this idea I thought that it was a really arrogant way to go around the world.  Here you are telling people that you’re going to make them better than you.  That says two things to me.  First, I’m better than you and second you need help.  Neither I think is a useful thing to do.

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Topics: value creation, Focus, learning experiences

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