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3 Things Your Company Needs To Avoid While Eliminating Waste

Lean OperationsMy first attempt at using Lean techniques was a total failure.  When I had my vending company I would try a new technique almost every month.  Because I used so many different strategies no one knew what to do.  It was only after we started to focus on one thing at a time that we were successful.

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Topics: cultural change, for business owners, Focus

Want to Succeed?...Start Small

Start small & stay focusedI’ve been working with a client of mine on installing a Lean system in his company.  I noticed that when I got his agenda for our most recent conversation that Lean as a topic was left off.  Instead there were a few parts of what would be a Lean installation but not the whole thing.

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Topics: cultural change, value creation, Focus

What Is Lean?


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Do You Do Life Or Does Life Do You?


I was thinking about this question as it relates to how cancer patients handle their disease.

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Where Checklists Are Important

Key Metrics

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Scarcity is Silly – Wealth

wealth We spend too much time thinking that there is not enough in the world.  At least in the US, scarcity seems like a silly concept.  We live in a land of abundance.

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Topics: mission vision values and goals, wealth management, Focus, mission, wealth

Feeling Down? Find A Touchstone – Wealth Management


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14 Reasons You Should Be In Your Own Business

business owner resized 600 I’ve been in my own business for about thirty years.  I’ve never considered working for someone else.  Writing reasons down for why you should be in your own business is something that’s a little difficult for me.

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Topics: starting a business, for business owners, Focus

Creating Enterprise Value Requires Focus

shiny object resized 600I’m a huge fan of bright shiny objects.  Bright shiny objects are anything that takes our attention away from the task at hand.   My problem is not finding enough things to do; my problem is focusing on the job at hand without getting sidetracked onto other projects where I try to multi-task.

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Topics: concentration, enterprise value, Focus

Why One Thing Is Better Than Five Things – Wealth Management

focus resized 600

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