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Do You Manage Your Workers' Compensation? – Creating Value

workers-compOne of the largest costs you have in your company is workers' compensation. It’s also one of the more arcane insurances that you buy.

Managing workers' compensation can save you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars per year. Knowing a few tricks can help you manage this cost.

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What I’ve Learned About Profits First

profits_before_growthI’ve written a bunch of blog posts about why profits are more important than growth. It’s funny how the people who respond negatively to these posts are advisors or people who used to be in business. Business owners who have successful companies seem to get this principle.

If you own a business you’ve been down this road.

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What Is Growth? - Cash Flow Management

growthIf someone asks you how you are going to grow your business I bet your answer will be explaining how you’re going to grow sales. For most that’s the answer. Sometimes it makes sense to look at another option. Instead of growing sales how about growing profits?

Does it always make sense to make your business bigger?

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How Do You Know You Trust Someone?

trustThis is a central question I believe everyone who works with our firm should ask. You share important information about your finances, dreams, and life with us. You aren’t going to do that unless you have a high level of trust in us. I spend a lot of time thinking about this and working with our staff to learn about how trust is built and how to audit our actions to make sure we’re acting in a trustworthy manner.

Several years ago I ran across a book called The Trusted Advisor. The genius in this book is the authors developed a formula for you to easily check whether you’re being trustworthy.

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Go Slow To Go Fast

tandh resized 600Have you ever noticed that the faster you try to go the slower you actually go?  If so, you’re not alone. 

I find that trying to jam as much as possible into the smallest possible space never works.  Taking my time is a way for me to go faster. 

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All Private Businesses Are Family Businesses

private business resized 600If you’re involved in a private business you’re also involved in a family business.  If you’re the owner you already know this.  If you’re an employee you might want to think about what this means.

Private businesses that are owned and run by individuals are different from public companies or companies owned by private equity.  Private business owners can make decisions that those who work for other owners believe they can’t make.

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What Is A Trip Wire And Why Should You Care

trip wire resized 600I’m a big fan of the Heath Brothers.  Their most recent book Decisive introduced a new concept for me, the trip wire.  I love this concept.  It’s a pre-determined point where you decide to stop or help someone make a different decision.

Sunk costs will get you every time.

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Who Should Own The Family Business?

family business resized 600I recently asked a client of mine to start the process of asking his family who should own the family business.  This is a question that you need to ask if you have more than one child and one of them doesn’t work in the business.

Would you want to support a sibling who’s not in the business?

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The True Purpose Of Due Diligence

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Are You Over Optimistic?

describe the imageI don’t know about you but I seem to have a hard time with estimating how things are going to come out.  I think things will be better than they really are and less worse than they really are.  What about you, is this an issue for you?

Things are never as good as they seem.

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