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4 Things That Help Apple Create Value

Apple logo Think Different resized 600Anyone that knows me knows that I’m in the bag for Apple.  I’ve been an Apple customer since 1978 and have owned dozens of their devices over the years.  My belief is that many in the media and the blogosphere don’t really get what makes Apple a special company. 

Here are four things I think make Apple unique and all are things that keep drawing me back to them:

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Six Blogs I love

enterprise value I love reading other blogs.  Often some of my best posts come from entries I read elsewhere and want to expand thoughts I’ve had about what I’ve read in our Stage 2 blog.   Just like great books, a great blog can ask good questions that will lead your forward and help make your life better.

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4 Reasons Most Musical Groups Don’t Get It

MusicI recently had a chance to see Return to Forever at Humphrey’s by the Bay in San Diego.  I also stayed at the hotel, which allowed me to wander around while the band was setting up and going through their sound check.

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