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The Dangerous Truth About Goals


I hate goals. Yea, I know we’re all supposed to love goals and be goal oriented for success. The truth is I did that game for years, and it never served me very well.

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The Glorious and Mysterious Secret of Goal Mapping




Several years ago I met Brian Mayne.  He introduced me to the concept of Goal Mapping.  This is where we take a general goal, something like making your life better and putting specifics in place that help you move towards your desired outcome.

There are four parts of goal mapping.  All four are equally important.  Doing a goal map in a specific order helps improve and speed up the process.  When I start an engagement with a client I always start with a goal map.  When I combine a goal map with our alignment process we get great results. 

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A Theme Is Better Than a Goal

A_Theme_Is_Better_Than_A_Goal.pngI’ve written way too much about my dislike for what is considered the goal setting process. Now before you light your hair on fire I want you to consider this……How happy have you been when you’ve hit a goal?

On the other hand, how happy have you been when you’ve noticed your trip?

Recently I read a piece by one of my favorite thinkers, James Altucher. In his post James talked about how he prefers themes in his life to goals. I agree and here are some reasons why:

Themes allow you to think in a broader manner about what you want out of life.

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Topics: goals, themes, goal mapping

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