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Some Second Quarter Commentary On The Markets


Our partner, Assetmark produces some really good stuff.  I thought you might be interested in some information theuy've put out about the second quarter and what's going on in the markets.

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The Upside To Quitting and Learn About Passive Income


Why You Might Want To Quit

One of my favorite sites to visit is the Freakanomics site.  In this podcast, they talk about whether it makes sense for you to quit or not.  

This really gets to the heart of behavioral economics where you've put so much effort in you won't quit.  This is called sunk costs bias.  Learn when it's time to say enough is enough.  I bet you'll find it a really interesting episode.

This week on Freakonomics Radio: do you know this bromide? “A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins.”

To which Stephen J. Dubner says, “Are you sure?” Sometimes quitting is strategic, and sometimes it can be your best possible plan.

To find out more, check out the podcast from which this hour was drawn: “The Upside of Quitting.”

The post The Upside of Quitting appeared first on Freakonomics. via The Upside of Quitting

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One Of The Most Ridiculous Articles I've Seen In A While


One of the more ridiculous articles I've read in a long time comes from wealth mangemgent.com.  It talks about the reason that its time for us to consider active management of mutual funds again.

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7 Investment Disasters and What You Can Do To Avoid Them

7 Investment Disasters And What You Can Do to Avoid Them.png

The main reason you want to hire an investment/wealth manager is to help you avoid investment disasters, if possible.  If you look at the research firm Dalbar, you’ll see that too many investors make the same mistakes and as a result, get a return that’s much less than the market.

Here’s a list of 7 that you should think about.

You think what happened yesterday will happen tomorrow.

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5 Reasons You Need To Do a Life Insurance Review

5_Reasons_You_Need_To_Do_a_Life_Insurance_Review.pngI often talk with Clients about their life insurance program.  Some people have life insurance for estate planning, others for business continuation and still others for survivorship planning.  In all cases you might want to get yourself a life insurance review.

If you’re interested in what my five reasons are…..read on:

Your insurance company could be having a bad run.

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6 Questions You Need To Ask Before You Invest

Today we're going to tackle the world of investments and whether you should do it yourself or work with an investment advisor. Watch the video below and if you have thoughts, click here and let me know what you think.


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Questions You Need To Ask Before You Invest

questionIt’s not a secret that you should be saving for retirement. Whether you decide to retire or not, having the option to stop working is something I hope you’re interested in pursuing. If not, then you probably can move on, skip this post and save five minutes of your time. At the same time investing is not something you should start on a whim. Like all major projects in your life a little thought about what you’re trying to accomplish will go a long ways in helping you achieve an outcome you’re happy with.

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Are You An Investor Or Speculator?


This is a question that I think everyone who has money to invest for whatever reason needs to ask. Your answer will help you decide what types of investments and investment advisors you might want to use.

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How To Avoid Really Big Investment Mistakes

investing_canvaIn the investment world there is a research firm named Dalbar.  They’ve done tons of research on what has come to be called “investor behavior.”  If you have an investment account, you’re the type of person Dalbar has researched.

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Are You Sabotaging Your Investments?

investingI’ve always been a little confused about the term behavioral economics.  I think the term really should be behavioral psychology.  After all, it’s really about how you behave around money issues not what you do with your money.

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