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Why You Should Care About A Fiduciary Standard

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We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Jargon!

Jargon1I was having a conversation the other day with a friend and the word fiduciary came up in one of her blog posts.  Now, I love the word fiduciary.  I also love what it means (putting your clients’ interests ahead of yours and working in their best interest), but at the same time when you use a word like that you run a huge risk of putting others off.

This conversation started me thinking about how every business has it’s specialized language and how we use jargon with those who have no idea what the jargon we’re using means.  I find that when I take a little extra time to either define what the jargon I’m using means or better yet, find a different word, others receive my message much better.

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Jargon, A Good Or Bad Thing?

JargonWe all use it, and many of us hate it, especially when others use it.  Jargon makes us feel stupid.  Often we believe that others use it to either confuse us or show us how smart they are.

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