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Know The Life Strategy Of Those You Work With – Enterprise Value

Life Strategy We all have them: strategies that form how we live in the world.  Many of us don’t have a clear idea of what others’ strategies are, nor do we even know what our own strategies are.  I believe this is a mistake.

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Should You Develop Your Weaknesses Or Strengths? – Wealth

Developing your strengths resized 600

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Feeling Burned Out? Here’s Some Things That Can Help – Wealth Management

Unique Ability - don't get burned outI think everyone gets tired of their job from time to time.  Whether it’s a nasty customer, an employee who’s driving you crazy, or having to do a task that you just hate; we all have times we would rather by anywhere but at work.

It’s not the times that come every once in a while that I worry about.  It’s when day after day you feel like things are bad and getting worse.  When you are about to throw in the towel it might be time to see if you’re burned out. 

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Topics: wealth management, Kolbe Index, unique ability

Using DISC And Kolbe To Build Great Teams

DISC and KolbeI spend a lot of time coaching Clients on how to appropriately use personality profiles for helping them build and analyze their teams.  Whether these teams are Clients or people who work in their organization, having behaviorally balanced teams is important when your goal is to have a group that moves your company or firm forward.

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