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Where Does Empathy Fit Into Your Life?

Be empathic with others.

I have a confession to make. I’m not the most empathetic person in the world. I know I should be more empathetic and I’m not.

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Topics: Leadership, listening skills, empathy, good communication

Are You A Situational Leader? – Performance Coaching

Follow the Leader1 resized 600In the late 70’s or early 80’s I ran across a leadership strategy developed by Ken Blanchard and Paul Hersey called Situational Leadership.  This is where you manage people according to the situation that you and your direct report are in.

For me, the key word in Situational Leadership is the word leadership.  I noticed they didn’t call it Situational Management, they called it Situational Leadership.  There’s a big difference.  I recently had an experience where I saw a dramatic example of the difference between leadership and management.

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Topics: systems, business coaching, Leadership

Are You Ready To Take The Radical Leap?

comfort zoneLast summer I spent three days with Steve Farber and his merry band of Extreme Leaders.  Once or twice a year I go to a program that is outside my normal educational experiences.  This year I choose Steve’s Extreme Leadership program.

My goal when I go to programs like this is to live outside my normal comfort zone and expertise.  I try to go into these programs with an open mind and see what I can learn that will help me make my clients lives better.  I’m also interested in finding new ways to do interesting things with interesting people.

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Topics: business coaching, value creation, Leadership

Your Employees Watch What You Do – Leadership

Observing Cultural ChangeI’ve heard many business owners tell me they’ve decided they want to move their company in a different direction.  This is often right before the owner makes a grand announcement to everyone in their company.

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Topics: cultural change, for business owners, Leadership

What Type Of CFO Should I Rent?

rent a CFOI’ve often written about renting senior management talent instead of buying it.  I believe the most important person to rent for your company should be a CFO (Chief Financial Officer).  A CFO can help you learn the language of finance and then help with strategic activities to move your company forward.
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Topics: Strategic Thought, Leadership, Tactical Excellence

How We Got Here By Rob Slee - Credit Crisis

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Topics: Leadership, risk management, credit crisis

Legacy Planning And The Private Business Owner

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Topics: Leadership, Elders, Legacy Planning

Tribal Leadership Is About We and Not Me

2137729430 11b29f9164Dave Logan talks about successful tribal leadership being about we versus me.  I find this concept true.  Most of time winning is about me.  Team sports are often about we, but many play team sports as if it’s about me.

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Topics: Leadership, success, Team, Winning, Losing

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