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Learn About The Wonderful World of Wisdom

Wisdom comes from mentorship

I spend a lot of time writing and thinking about what wisdom is. I like to think how we can share the wisdom we’ve developed over our lifetime with others.

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Vermont Tips for Wealth Management: Be Humble, Learn From The Best!

learningI’m lucky.  I’ve had the chance to learn from some of the best minds in the country.  Sometimes I’ve found these people through industry connections, sometimes through classes and sometimes it’s been through books.

How I started my quest.

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Topics: learning experiences, Customer Service, business management

Don’t Forget To Live For Today - Personal Growth

here_and_nowThere have been thousands and maybe even millions of suggestions about how to become more successful. I think most of them boil down to three things: Learning from the past, looking at the future, and being present while you’re living your life.

Start with being present.

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Topics: cultural change, learning experiences

Do You Feel Like You’re A Groundhog (The Movie)

groundhogdayIn the movie Groundhog Day Bill Murray gets to live his life over and over until he learns some basic lessons. I use this movie as a metaphor for how many of us live our lives. We seem to have the same problems every year and they never go away. Do you ever wonder why this happens?

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The Art Of Being Competent

learning resized 600I’m a fan of Stephen Covey and his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  In the book Mr. Covey talks about four stages of knowledge.  Knowledge moves from not knowing that you don’t know to being a world-class expert.  Along the way there are several steps that everyone must move to reach the highest level, which is being unconsciously competent.

First, you need to know that you don’t know.

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Topics: business coaching, personal value, learning experiences

5 Ways To Create Change That Doesn’t Hurt

Antique Bike Miniature resized 600A lot of the time new equals change.  New could also be a different way of looking at something.  It could be finding something funny that you never noticed before.  It even could be a different way of practicing.

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Topics: trust, learning experiences, Change

Don’t Separate, Integrate. Your Business That Is

Integrating business and personal life resized 600If there’s one thing I get really sick of it’s people who have never owned a business telling me that I need to separate my business from my personal life.  For years, I would feel guilty about it and then I finally understood that those who are telling me this have never owned their own business.  Sure, it sounds like a great idea.  The reality is I’ve never been able to separate the two and I don’t know anyone else who has, or least no one else that created a successful business.

I really like working, what’s wrong with that?

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What Is A Trip Wire And Why Should You Care

trip wire resized 600I’m a big fan of the Heath Brothers.  Their most recent book Decisive introduced a new concept for me, the trip wire.  I love this concept.  It’s a pre-determined point where you decide to stop or help someone make a different decision.

Sunk costs will get you every time.

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Topics: business coaching, for business owners, learning experiences

6 Ways You Can Make Your Company A Learning Organization

learn button resized 600I’m not a big fan of buzz words.  I also have to admit there are times where they actually become useful.  The problem with this particular one, “learning organization” is that it’s often misused.

I do believe that if you really want your company to get better you must have regular learning going on.  At the same time, just saying you have one doesn’t make it true.  Here are 6 things you might want to think about if you’re really serious about making your company better through learning:

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Topics: business coaching, value creation, learning experiences

My Favorite Question: What Would Happen If?

What if  resized 600It’s a pretty simple question don’t you think?  It only has four words and it can change your world.  That little question, “what would happen if?” forces you to think about the world in a different way.

You and I see the world in a pretty specific way.  Sometimes it’s a good idea to try to think about our world differently.

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