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My Second Most Painful Lesson – Don’t Lie

Tell the truth Trust is something that often takes a long time to earn and seconds to lose.  When I was twenty-four years old I had a lesson where I learned this in a most painful way.

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Topics: business relationship management, lessons learned, trust, learning experiences

Are You Curious About The World Around You? – Wealth Management

Changes I’m always interested when I find people who are resistant to change, which is almost everyone I know.  Change is a natural force in our world.  We go through changes and we all know after we become conscious that change is a normal and expected event.

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Topics: wealth management, learning experiences, Change

Are You An Early Adopter Or A Late Adopter

early adopter + late adopter

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Topics: relationship, roles, learning experiences

Why Is It 50 Year Old Business Owners Get It? – Creating Value

Business Owner

I’ve noticed a phenomenon: When a business owner reaches fifty years old their business seems to get much more successful.  I’ve now seen this enough times that I’m thinking there is something to business success and getting older.

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Topics: for business owners, value creation, learning experiences

Why Be A Life Long Learner? – Wealth Management

Life Long LearnerWe all want success in our lives.  In the book Talent Is Overrated, the author talks about disciplined learning as being the key to highly successful people in every stage of their life.

I’m not sure that I totally agree with the premise of the book.  Talent certainly does play some role in success.  At the same time, I’ve learned that competence can be achieved in anything if you’re willing to put in time and effort in a concentrated manner.

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Topics: wealth management, Strategic Thought, learning experiences

What I Learned From My Winter Vacation – Wealth Management


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Topics: wealth management, learning experiences, Customer Service

Oops, I Hired The Wrong Person – Enterprise Value

New Hire We've all done it.  We thought we had a great person coming to work, they show up, and within a few hours we know we've made a mistake.  We won't often admit we made a mistake; admitting our mistake will take a few months.

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Topics: for business owners, enterprise value, learning experiences, Team

We Need To Learn To Talk About Death – Wealth Management

peacefulAs much as we don’t want to we need to learn to talk about death.  Death is part of life.  In fact, it’s the last thing we’re going to do on earth. 

It seems to me that many times we’re uncomfortable talking to those who are dying or even talking to family members who have a loved one who’s dying.  In my opinion that’s too bad.

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Topics: end of life, wealth management, learning experiences

Is Long-Term Planning Worthwhile – Enterprise Value

long-term planningMany strategic planning people recommend that when doing planning it’s important to put together a five-year or longer plan.  I’m wondering whether the five-year plan makes sense anymore.

The world is changing so fast that long-term planning almost seems a little silly.  I have no idea what my business is going to look like five years from now.  I don’t know what the actions of the regulators will be, I don’t know what the economy is going to look like and I certainly don’t know what will be most important for me to concentrate on.

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Topics: mission vision values and goals, enterprise value, Client Experience, learning experiences, vision

Blame The System, Not The Employee – Enterprise Value


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Topics: systems, enterprise value, learning experiences

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