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Learn About The Wonderful World of Wisdom

Wisdom comes from mentorship

I spend a lot of time writing and thinking about what wisdom is. I like to think how we can share the wisdom we’ve developed over our lifetime with others.

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Topics: learning experiences, Mentor, wisdom, life long learning, sharing wisdom

Case Study - The Best Way For You To Make Your Life Better

make_life_better-1Sometimes you have a business and you know there’s something wrong, but just can’t place your finger on it.  Then, you look around and notice that every time a particular person walks in the room your stomach gets a little tight and you just don’t feel as well as you did before they walked into the room.

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Topics: trust, Mentor, case studies

Even If You Don’t Know It You Need A Mentor Board

Mentor Board resized 600I didn’t, and when I learned I said to myself, “this just makes so much sense…why didn’t I think of it?” 

A mentor board is an organized group of people that helps younger generation members in a business learn necessary skills to run the business.  This board is different from a family council, business board of directors, or board of advisors.  Their only purpose is to get the next generation ready to take over the business.

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Topics: business coaching, business exit planning, Mentor, succession planning

5 Lessons I Learned From My Mother - Family Wealth

Family WealthThe past several weeks I’ve posted lessons I’ve learned from my father, my children and my wife.  This week it’s my mother’s turn.

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Topics: wealth management, Mentor, family

4 Things An Early Mentor Taught Me

MentorI’ve been a big fan of mentors, coaches and elders for a long time.  I recently started thinking about the lessons I learned from one of my first mentors, Shields Harvey back when I first got into the vending business in 1977.

I was at an early financial controls seminar put together by Shields and sponsored by the National Vending Association.  At that time I was 25 years old and thought I knew everything there was to know about anything.  The real problem was I knew nothing about everything, and was really arrogant about my lack of knowledge.

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