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How Do You Talk About Your Complicated Products?

complicated resized 600Do you have a product that’s hard for your customers to get their arms around?  Do you suggest or sell things that have a long sales cycle?  Do you often find that you have to explain what it is you do several times?  If so, you need to spend extra time nurturing and educating your community.

My products and services are complicated.

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3 Ways Brian Mayne Shows His Brilliance

goal setting resized 600Several months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Brian Mayne.  You may ask who is this guy and why should I pay any attention.  Brian appeared at Steve Farber’s Extreme Leadership program this summer.  He took us through exercises in goal and life mapping.  Both are techniques that allow you to discover what’s important in your life and make plans to do something about it.

Brian managed to turn me around on my basic dislike for goal setting.

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Too Many Advisors Think Complicated Is Better Than Simple

simplify resized 600I have this problem.  I seem to make things more complicated than they need to be.  Sometimes it’s because I have too much knowledge and sometimes it’s because I don’t have enough knowledge.  In both instances I leave the person I’m communicating with confused.

This is a good question for you, “how often do we over-communicate with others?”  This question is best asked to professionals that provide advice to others.

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5 Ways We’ve Made Our Objective Review Faster

Objective Review   Creating Value resized 600It’s been almost fifteen years since I first started doing our discovery process that we now call The Objective Review.  At first we just called it our discovery process.  We then started calling it the Stage 2 Discovery process.  Now we just call it The Objective Review.

The goal with this process is to quickly and efficiently identify what you want to do and why it’s important that you achieve the outcomes we discover.  Over the years we’ve continually added parts to our process that make our Objective Review easier to do and faster to deliver. 

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How To Communicate Clearly By Using Mind Maps

MindMap resized 600I first learned about mind mapping in 1983.  I was at a seminar and was introduced to an author named Tony Buzan who wrote the book Using Both Sides of Your Brain.  In his book Tony introduced the concept of mind mapping.

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Working Harder Is Just Not Very Smart

Work Smarter not HarderWe’ve all heard the saying, “don’t work harder, work smarter” but is that really the message we send to the people we work with?  We set artificial goals whether they make sense or not, when things go wrong we look for someone to blame, and we seem to have a hard time taking responsibility for what happens in our lives.

The problem we have in our society is that we really believe that working harder is the answer to most questions.  When someone works smarter we often will say their success is luck.

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Know When You’re Most Productive – Wealth Management

time management and productivityI’m back on Prednisone again.  One of the chemo drugs I was on during my cancer treatment has a very long tail, meaning that side effects can reoccur for a long time.  In this drug’s case, twenty years.

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Learning To Say No To Things We Want To Do – Mission

Someday Things List resized 600 Daniel Pink has done a great entry on saying no and what are some of the issues around it.  His post isn’t just about how to say no, but how to say no to things you might actually want to do.

Click here for your special report on relationship and roles in your business.

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Stage 2 and The Objective Review

Objective Review
Business owners often ask us what is the process we use when we start a planning engagement.  We’ve developed a process we call The Objective Review.   The Objective Review is designed to a business owner achieve the following outcomes:


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Mind Maps Allow Clients To See and Feel Plan Suggestions

mindmapMind maps are visual illustrations of activities or plans that are easily understood.  We use mind maps in our firm to help our clients understand complicated planning issues on a single page.  Instead of using a report that is several pages long, we often will illustrate the plan using a mind map.

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