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Use Personas To Think About Your Customers

describe the imageI’ll admit that I’m a nicheaholic.  I love it when businesses focus on what they’re really good at.  Both the business’ customers and the business benefit.

One of the challenges that I see in developing a message about your niche is being able to define it.  I recently learned a new technique that has helped me along this road and I bet it just might help you too.

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Why You Might Have A Hard Time Saying No - Niche Management

niche managementI’ve been reading about why people have the need to text and drive.  It appears that many of us find that when the bell goes off with a new text message a bit of dopamine gets released in our brain.  We get a pleasant feeling that someone likes us and wants to communicate with us.  I know that happens when I get a text message and it might be the same for you.

We all know that we’re not supposed to answer text messages while driving.  I’ve learned to discipline myself not to respond or even look when I’m behind the wheel.  I can say that the first thing I do when I stop driving is to see what the text is about.  It’s not because I’m being polite it’s because someone has decided to reach out to me in some way.

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Mind Maps Allow Clients To See and Feel Plan Suggestions

mindmapMind maps are visual illustrations of activities or plans that are easily understood.  We use mind maps in our firm to help our clients understand complicated planning issues on a single page.  Instead of using a report that is several pages long, we often will illustrate the plan using a mind map.

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