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6 Ways To Save For Retirement

retireSomeday you might want to retire. If you’re like most people you probably haven’t saved enough. If you own a business I can almost guarantee you haven’t. That’s because you think your business will provide more money than it really will.

If you work as an employee for someone you might not have done a plan that allows you to see how much you should save. I’m hoping that you’re under 35 years old and reading this post. If you are, it’ll be easy for you to save. If you’re not it gets much more difficult.

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How To Fix A Broken Relationship – Business Coaching

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Three Reasons Personal Values Should Drive Your Life

Values resized 600There are just too many people in the world that believe life isn’t fair and life isn’t fun.  I've often had people join companies I've run who's world view is the world and everything in it stinks.  

My goal has always been to help people with this attitutde to move to a point where they think about their world in a more positive manner.  My ultimate goal has always been to have those around me me think about we and how we can make the world (or at least our company) a better place.

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When Was The Last Time You Said I Love You?

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Recovery Is A Slow Process When Your World Is Turned Upside Down

TransitionI was recently at a wedding where I ran into a client I worked with after her husband committed suicide.  It was five years ago that this sad event happened.

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Compromise Is Always Lose/Lose – Enterprise Value

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Yes, Passive Ownership Is A Good Option

passive owner

One of the biggest challenges we have in our Objective Review program is getting our business owner Clients to change their behavior.  This becomes more difficult, the older the Client is.  In fact, if a Client is over forty-five years old, we really don’t try to change behavior, but we do try to modify how things happen at their company.

A large percentage of owners who start a conversation with us want to see a path for them to leave their company.  We usually will ask them whether they know if they can afford to leave.  If the answer is no or I don’t know, we will help the owner understand what their options are.

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5 Things That Making Your Life Better Means – Wealth Management

wealth1 smallThe purpose of our firm is to help make our clients’ lives better.  We try to integrate this into all areas of the work we do.  That includes this blog.

When I think about making your life better, it covers a wide area.  For some, it’s about financial security, for others it’s having a better relationship with their family and for still others it’s taking pressure off themselves in their businesses.

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