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Being Frozen In Your Business Results In Perma-Five

perma five stuck resized 600Fifteen years ago I joined the investment management world.  Very quickly I started to develop a specialty working with private business owners.  Shortly after starting my private business specialty I started to notice a pattern:

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Perma-Five…..Why You Just Might Be Stuck

 billboard stuck 1116867iI’ve been a fan of the phrase perma-five for over thirty years.  The term started as one where a business owner is stuck.  Now, when I use it the term it’s usually around business owners not willing or able to think an exit from their business.

When you have a permanent five year plan on the same topic you are in perma-five.  Unless you take specific actions around this issue, you will likely stay in this state for a very long time.  The world might change and you could be rescued, but changes will likely come only if and when you change what you’re doing.

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Business Exit Planning.....Perma-five and How to Avoid It

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Business exit planning – perma-five and how to avoid it

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Perma-five and financial planning

Perma-fiveI’ve been talking about the concept of perma-five for years as it relates to when a business owner wants to leave their business.  Simply stated, perma-five is the state a business owner is when they don’t know how they’re going to leave their business or if they can afford to leave it.

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