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What Everyone Needs To Know About Authenticity

then-a-strangeI love to find things that I believe are universal truths. Those are the things that it’s hard to argue with, even with an opinionated person like me.

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Are You A Curious Specialist


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How to create magic with your big decisions


I like to talk about the concept of why when we’re creating a plan to help you achieve a big outcome.  A big outcome is something that has a really big payoff and usually requires lots of time and effort.

I wish I had a better name for the process and would welcome all suggestions. For the time being, let’s just call it what, why, what, who, how.

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Is Your Job In Danger?

act_like_an_ownerHere’s something you may not have thought about.  Your biggest asset is your ability to earn money.  The younger you are the more important this asset is.

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Are You Ready For Success?

successI know that I spend way too much time doing and too little time preparing.  Too often I just start doing stuff before even thinking about what I want to do, much less actually preparing for it.

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Topics: succession planning, personal growth, preperation

Is Every Day A New One?

present_momentI have a problem, I often spend time in the past.  I think about things that went wrong and what I could have done to change them.  OK, I have to admit it I don’t just think about these things, I obsess about them.  Especially when I didn’t like the outcome.

At the same time I like to day dream about the future.  I like to think about all of the great things that are going to happen.

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Topics: personal growth, happiness, present moment

It’s Not What You Say That Count’s

communicationHere’s a statement for you to consider….the meaning of your communication is the way it’s received.  This is not a new age statement for you to ponder.  It’s a simple statement that just says it doesn’t matter what you think you said, it only matters how the person you’re speaking with heard it.

A personal story with my family.

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Topics: communication, communication skills, personal growth

Stop Planning Your Life!

In the wealth management world we seem to spend all of our time planning.  We plan for how much money you’ll need.  We plan for how you’re going to send your kids to college.  We even plan for when you can retire.

The problem with all of this planning is that it’s just an idea.  Because we call it a plan you think what we give you is real.  I hate to surprise you it’s not.  A very small change in a return rate can throw your well thought out plan into a tailspin that just might be very difficult to get out of.

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Topics: wealth management, personal growth, budgeting

7 Reasons You Won’t Say No

blog_3I’m a big fan of the word no.  Without saying no, you never have the capacity to say yes.  No is a useful word.  If that’s so, why is it that you’re not willing to ever use this very useful word.  I think I might have found 7 reasons you don’t.

If you say no, no one will ever ask you again.

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Topics: goals, personal growth, decision making

A New Concept, Goal Mapping - Personal Growth

goal_mapping_2Several years ago I met Brian Mayne.  He introduced me to the concept of Goal Mapping.  This is where we take a general goal, something like making your life better and putting specifics in place that help you move towards your outcome.

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