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Do You Want Adult Children Or Do We Want Children Who Are Adults?

Do You Want Children.pngHere's a question for you, do you want to have your children act like adults or continue to act like children? I'm going to bet that you want your kids to act like adults.

 If that's true for you, then read on.

 What sort of expectations do you have for your children?

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The Ugly Side Of Maximizing Profits - Op Ed

soapbox2This post is my opinion and does not reflect the opinion of NFPSI or any other members of Stage 2 Planning Partners. If you think this post is another rant, you would be correct.

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Topics: cultural change, Personal Responsibility, Change

5 Reasons I Hate The Word Should

shoulds resized 600There are two words in the English language that I truly dislike.  The first is the word but.  But turns around your words into a negative every single time.  The other word and the subject of this post is the word should.  Should is a word you really need to get out of your language.  Just take my word for this, when you use the word should it doesn’t do you any good.

Should allows you not to take personal responsibility.

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Topics: business coaching, value creation, Personal Responsibility

7 Things That Scare Me

fear1 resized 600There’s a saying that goes like this:  FEAR = false evidence appearing real.  That’s not the point of this post.  I mostly believe that fear is false evidence appearing real.  Still there are some things that are just plain scary for me.  Maybe it’s not fear, but it sure is scary.

My cancer might come back.

This is probably the biggest fear I have and the one I spend the most time worrying about.  Every time a new ache or pain appears I ask myself whether this is when I re-enter cancer world.  It’s been over four years since I’ve ended my cancer treatments.  Still, there’s the worry and that just doesn’t seem to go away.

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Topics: business coaching, Personal Responsibility, Change

Three Reasons Personal Values Should Drive Your Life

Values resized 600There are just too many people in the world that believe life isn’t fair and life isn’t fun.  I've often had people join companies I've run who's world view is the world and everything in it stinks.  

My goal has always been to help people with this attitutde to move to a point where they think about their world in a more positive manner.  My ultimate goal has always been to have those around me me think about we and how we can make the world (or at least our company) a better place.

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Being Personally Responsible Makes A Better Life

Cartoon Personal ResponsibilityI’ve had a principle I’ve used for the past 40 years.  I pretend I’m personally responsible for everything that happens in my life.  There are obviously things that happen that I don’t control.  At the same time I’ve found that if I pretend I could have influence over these events I’ll think about them differently.

Being responsible means I’ll learn more.  If I’m responsible for what happens in my life it’s very difficult for me to be angry with others when things go wrong.  It’s not their fault and sometimes it’s not even my fault.  If I’m responsible I get to ask the question, “What did I learn?”  It’s the answer to this question that helps me keep moving forward.

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3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Money Skills - Wealth Management

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Topics: wealth management, finances, Personal Responsibility

Some Thoughts On Cancer And My Life - Personal Wealth

cancerSaturday April 23rd was a big day in my life.  It was the two-year anniversary of my last chemo treatment.  I had a very nasty strain of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The treatment was extreme, unpleasant and very dangerous.

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Topics: mission vision values and goals, wealth management, Personal Responsibility, Mission statement

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