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The Magical Secret Of Having A Personal Mission Statement


Everyone knows about having a good corporate mission statement. If properly crafted the mission statement will be a guiding light for the people who work in that company.

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6 Ways to Create More Time

Time_mgmtOne of the issues I work with is a lack of time.  You have it, I have it.  There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day, or at least that’s what we believe.

I’ve found that being mindful of how you spend your time is an important activity.  There are so many interruptions in a day that we don’t even know where they come from.  In fact, I bet that if you try some of the following suggestions you’ll create extra time you never believed you would get.

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Do You Think You’re Judgmental? - Personal Growth

judgmentWhen you have a problem with someone else do you hold a mirror up to yourself? Do you realize that when someone really annoys you it’s often about something in you that’s making you react that way?

It’s a funny thing. When we make a judgment about others we’re often making a judgment about ourselves. It took me a long time to learn this lesson. It’s one that I get to revisit on a regular basis.

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Topics: communication, personal value, asking why

Socrates Had It Right – Creating Value

socratesThe Socratic method is asking questions with the expectation that the person you’re talking with knows the answer. I’ve learned this is the most effective way of having someone learn and get your point across to others.

A good question is the silver bullet in managing others. If you can help others discover what’s important they’re likely going to learn way better than if you just tell them.

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Think About Not Yet Instead Of Yes

120620-Decision-Fatigue-300x300Every day I think about the choices I make. Every day I get stronger when I say the word no. Then, there are those times where I ask, “should I be saying no or would not yet make more sense?” What about you? Are there times that you would rather not give an answer and really don’t know what that answer should be?

The answer isn’t always clear.

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Topics: value creation, personal value, asking why

Wealth Management Is Too Confusing!

confusingThe term “wealth management” has a different definition for everyone I talk with. For some it means managing money. For others it might mean doing estate planning. For still others it might mean asset protection planning.  

There are probably over fifteen or twenty discreet areas that you can call wealth management. If you’ve ever gone through a true financial planning process it’s likely that your planner provided all fifteen or more areas for you to consider. I also bet you had no idea where to start.

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Topics: communication, wealth management, build trust, personal value

Simple Is Better When It Comes To Change

simplicityHave you ever gotten yourself all bolloxed up when doing a project? You’ve gotten yourself tied in knots and you’re not really sure how you’ve done it. I bet if you look a little you’ll find that you’ve made things more complicated than you needed to.

Too often I see plans go right down the tubes because no one understands your plans including you.

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Topics: communication, personal value, Change

A Mentor Is A Good Thinking Partner

thinking_partnerI spend a lot of my time acting as a coach with various people. Sometimes it’s a formal coaching relationship and sometimes it’s just a result of having a conversation about a goal or outcome. In both cases I find one of the important roles I play is that of a thinking partner.

A thinking partner is someone who helps you think through what’s going on in your life. I’ve found that when I play the role of a thinking partner lots of interesting things happen.

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Topics: communication, personal value, asking why, transition planning

Are You Open Enough? – Life Changes


One of the interesting things about living in the United States that if you’re a male or a leader you’re not allowed to be vulnerable. I find that state of affairs one that doesn’t 

help us make our lives better.

I don’t know about you but I’ve had times where I’ve allowe

d myself to be vulnerable that have led to great outcomes. It’s when I’ve taken the biggest personal risks to my ego that I’ve gotten the best returns.

Being vulnerable means you’re willing to listen.

If you’re being vulnerable you’ve put yourself in a position to listen to what others say. It’s pretty hard to be arrogant and highly narcissistic when you’re vulnerable.

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Topics: communication, personal value, unique ability

The Art Of Being Competent

learning resized 600I’m a fan of Stephen Covey and his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  In the book Mr. Covey talks about four stages of knowledge.  Knowledge moves from not knowing that you don’t know to being a world-class expert.  Along the way there are several steps that everyone must move to reach the highest level, which is being unconsciously competent.

First, you need to know that you don’t know.

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