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Are You Ready For Your Life To Change?

changes ahead exit sign resized 600We live in a time where things can easily be turned upside down.  What we thought was true today may not be tomorrow.  What was supposed to only happen once in two hundred years happens three times in five years.  You get the idea.  What we used to think would never change changes all of the time.

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6 Reasons Buying Life Insurance Is No Fun in Burlington, Stowe, VT

life insurance stoweWhen I first got into the financial services business I worked for a life insurance company.  It’s a really well respected company.  I thought the need for life insurance was obvious and it would be easy to sell.  I was wrong.  Here are some reasons I think it’s hard for you to buy insurance.

Life insurance is complicated.

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Topics: life insurance, communication, personal value

I’m Going To Leave All My Money To Charity

gift wrappedI bet you’ve heard someone say that or read it in the press.  Every once in a while some famous person either becomes disgusted or doesn’t want to leave too much to their children.  It’s becoming part of the conversation that we’re having in this country.

You’ve heard Bill Gates and Warren Buffet say this.

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Topics: communication, personal value, estate planning

4 Reasons You Need To Do Scenario Planning

Scenario2 resized 600Many people think scenario planning is only for business or government.  There’s no doubt that both of these groups need to do it.  So do you.  Scenario planning allows you to think about changes that could upset your life. 

As a good friend of mine is fond of saying, “You’re only one phone call away from disaster.”  Wouldn’t it be a good idea that you’ve thought about what some of those “disasters” might be?

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Topics: retirement planning, personal value, scenario planning

Don’t Separate, Integrate. Your Business That Is

Integrating business and personal life resized 600If there’s one thing I get really sick of it’s people who have never owned a business telling me that I need to separate my business from my personal life.  For years, I would feel guilty about it and then I finally understood that those who are telling me this have never owned their own business.  Sure, it sounds like a great idea.  The reality is I’ve never been able to separate the two and I don’t know anyone else who has, or least no one else that created a successful business.

I really like working, what’s wrong with that?

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Topics: personal value, learning experiences, family

Nothing Worth Doing Is Easy

some assembly required resized 600I know that you know this on least at some level.  Then why is it that we want to always find the easy way of doing something?

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Topics: mission vision values and goals, personal value, asking why

If You’re In A Good Mood You’ll Do Better Work

describe the imageI know this sounds like a pretty obvious statement, but is this something you’ve ever thought about?  When I first read it in Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow by Daniel Kahnerman I wanted to hit my head and just say, “Duh.” 

I wanted to know why I hadn’t spent time making sure I was in a good mood when I did work.  I know there are times when I’m annoyed and I might as well do myself and those around me a favor and just go take a walk.

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Topics: cultural change, lessons learned, personal value

Are You Over Optimistic?

describe the imageI don’t know about you but I seem to have a hard time with estimating how things are going to come out.  I think things will be better than they really are and less worse than they really are.  What about you, is this an issue for you?

Things are never as good as they seem.

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Topics: retirement planning, for business owners, personal value

Do You Make Yourself Vulnerable?

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Topics: business coaching, value creation, personal value

What is Family Stewardship?

family stewardship resized 600I recently listened in on a conference call that dealt with the topic of stewardship.  In the estate planning world this concept is usually focused on stewardship of family money. 

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Topics: wealth management, personal value, family business transition

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