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4 Benefits Philanthropic Activity Can Provide - Legacy Planning

PhilanthropyI’m a big fan of philanthropy and the things it accomplishes.  Not only does charitable work and funding help the targeted non-profit, it helps the people who are the donors.  In many cases, I believe non-profit multiple uses are just as, and sometimes even more important than the primary purpose.

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Topics: philanthropic planning, wealth management, Legacy Planning

Philanthropic planning and money skills do go together

Philantrhopic PlanningFamilies that have a significant amount of wealth often ask the following question: “what can we do to pass money skills on to our children?”  One of my favorite ways of answering this question is through using philanthropic planning as a method of teaching money skills.

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Topics: philanthropic planning, wealth management, family business transition

Family business transition and philanthropy, a great place to start

key to family business transitionBusiness owners are often asked to make donations to several charitable organizations during the year.  Often these donations are made out of guilt and are not places the owner would really like to invest their money.  In most businesses there is always a push and pull about where money should be invested and what the best use of that money is.

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Topics: philanthropic planning, exit planning, business exit planning, family business transition, succession planning

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