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Do You Have Balcony's In Your Life?

group-of-business-people-standing-on-balcony-M4BDCYQI’ve been thinking about where people start in deciding what they want in life. Too often I see those decisions start in the weeds and not looking from 20,000 feet or as I like to say, in the balcony.

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Topics: decision process, planning, strategy

The Glorious and Mysterious Secret of Goal Mapping




Several years ago I met Brian Mayne.  He introduced me to the concept of Goal Mapping.  This is where we take a general goal, something like making your life better and putting specifics in place that help you move towards your desired outcome.

There are four parts of goal mapping.  All four are equally important.  Doing a goal map in a specific order helps improve and speed up the process.  When I start an engagement with a client I always start with a goal map.  When I combine a goal map with our alignment process we get great results. 

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Topics: goals, planning, goal mapping

Managing Change Is Hard - Life Changes

blog_2You’ve just found out your life is going to change and change seriously.  You might have decided to get a divorce.  Maybe a loved one is about to die.  You can have just lost your job….You get the idea.  You’re probably a little scared and you might even feel stuck.  At the same time you know that you have to make changes that will have long-term effects in your life.

What’s going to change?

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Topics: life changes, planning, managing

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