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All Private Businesses Are Family Businesses

private business resized 600If you’re involved in a private business you’re also involved in a family business.  If you’re the owner you already know this.  If you’re an employee you might want to think about what this means.

Private businesses that are owned and run by individuals are different from public companies or companies owned by private equity.  Private business owners can make decisions that those who work for other owners believe they can’t make.

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Slow Is Fast – Creating Value

creating value I’ve noticed that often fire, ready, aim is the order we do things in at our companies.  Instead, if we spent more time thinking about what we want to do we would have more success that would ultimately come faster.

We often start with what it is that we want to do.  The first thing that pops into our head is what we end up doing.  If instead we were to spend more time defining what, we might make better decisions that helps us move faster in the end.

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Microbusiness – A New Term I learned

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What Is Business Wealth Management?

Wealth Management
I recently got into a conversation with someone who said that it appears that what I call wealth management is anything a business owner could experience.  I don’t think this is completely true, but I can see how they would believe that.

In my opinion wealth management for private business owners is broken into two parts:

The financial portion: where we’re dealing with the material wealth and cash flow of the business owner.  The non-financial portion: that deals with what’s important in addition to becoming financially independent and financially safe.

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Working With Business Owners – Understanding Medical Plan Options

medical insurance

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4 Reasons I Hate The Term “High Net Worth”

JargonI was skiing recently and on the ride up the term “high net worth person” came up.  I immediately and forcefully said, “I hate that term.”  I’ve been wondering why I reacted that strongly and came up with some of the following reasons:

High net worth is jargon.  I’ve always been unhappy any time jargon sneaks into a conversation.  I know that I would not be happy if I was referred to as a high net worth person and I assume those that are also don’t really like that moniker.

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4 Things We Can Learn From Groundhog Day – Wealth Management

groundhog day 2 resized 600

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in the movie Groundhog Day?  You remember that movie:  The one where Bill Murray keeps living the day over and over again until he finally gets it right.

This has been one of my favorite movies for years.  It provides many life lessons.  Some of them I continue to learn over and over, which has me sometimes feeling like I’m in the movie, but only in real life instead.

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3 Things You Might Want A Rent A CFO To Do

Creating_ValueI’m a huge fan of renting C suite people to work in many private businesses.  Most privately held businesses are not complicated enough to need a full time CFO, CMO, CIO or CTO.  At the same time all of them can use the services of people who could hold these credentials in larger companies.

The C suite is where strategic activity and ideas often happen.  This is not to say that people in the C suite should trickle ideas down to rank and file.  They should work with management to help put together strategic initiatives that can provide significant value to the business and the owner of that business.

I was having a conversation with Joe Worth from B2BCFO

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Collaboration, Cooperation and Coercion

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Yes, Passive Ownership Is A Good Option

passive owner

One of the biggest challenges we have in our Objective Review program is getting our business owner Clients to change their behavior.  This becomes more difficult, the older the Client is.  In fact, if a Client is over forty-five years old, we really don’t try to change behavior, but we do try to modify how things happen at their company.

A large percentage of owners who start a conversation with us want to see a path for them to leave their company.  We usually will ask them whether they know if they can afford to leave.  If the answer is no or I don’t know, we will help the owner understand what their options are.

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