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Do We Really Have A Credit Crisis? – Enterprise Value

credit card finance2If you believe everything you read in the media no one is getting bank loans and private business owners are not getting any credit.  The small circle that I associate with has shown me the opposite is true. 

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Topics: for business owners, enterprise value, private business owners, loans, credit crisis, financial education

5 Things That Making Your Life Better Means – Wealth Management

wealth1 smallThe purpose of our firm is to help make our clients’ lives better.  We try to integrate this into all areas of the work we do.  That includes this blog.

When I think about making your life better, it covers a wide area.  For some, it’s about financial security, for others it’s having a better relationship with their family and for still others it’s taking pressure off themselves in their businesses.

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Topics: people in transition, client control, financial entities, for business owners, wealth management, private business owners

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