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Happiness Is What Happens Now - Wealth Management

present-4I hear this all of the time, “When x happens I’m going to be happy.” The problem with this statement is that happiness is going to be in the future, it’s not happening right now.

Too often we wait for something that is going to make us happy. Why don’t we instead look for things that can make us happy today?

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3 Reasons You Want To Be In Your Own Business

be your own boss resized 600I could make this list the ten reasons you want to be in your own business.  Instead of ten I’ll start with what I think are the three most important.

If you understand these three and integrate them into your life, it’ll become easier to take the leap.  Without some very good reasons to open your own business you’re never going to leave the comfort of working for someone else.

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Topics: value creation, roles, professional relationships

Why Performance Coaching Is Better Than Reviews

CoachI love developing new ideas in management.  It allows me to use my creativity as well as practice being flexible. 

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My Service Promise

service guarantee resized 600I don’t know why I haven’t made my service promise explicit when I speak with someone about doing business with me.  I’ve had it for over 35 years and it’s served me very well.

Long ago I decided I only want customers who are happy with the service I provide.  I don’t need or have any interest in those who are unhappy.

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Topics: business coaching, professional relationships, Customer Service

Do You Guarantee Your Work?

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Topics: value creation, business relationship management, build trust, selling, professional relationships

Are You A Consultant Or A Coach?

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4 Reasons You Need Specialists And Generalists In Your Life

search engine optimization specialists.22a img1.best seo companyI’ve been thinking about all of the areas I have a reasonable amount of knowledge in.  When I go through this list I realize that I’m really more a generalists than a specialist.  I have a strong working knowledge in literally everything a private business owner is likely to experience during their life.

My knowledge in some of these areas is very deep.  In others it’s broad and I’ve learned where to turn for help when my clients want to work in these areas.  Its important to know where I have strong competence and where another specialist can provide a better outcome than I.

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