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Do You Know What Keeps You From Connecting With Your Customers?

connection.jpgBy connect I mean emotionally connect.  If you’re emotionally connecting your customers don’t see you as authentic.  It might be one of the reasons you have more customer turnover than you want.

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What Type Of Person Are You?

One of my favorite books from last year was Give and Take by Adam Grant.  In the book Mr. Grant breaks the world into three groups of people…..givers, takers and matchers.

When I tell people about the three types everyone wants to think of themselves as givers.  In reality most of us are a combination of all three with a tendency towards one trait over the other two.

Most of the world is matchers.
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Topics: relationship, matchers, takers, givers

What Throws You Off Your Game?

blog_june_7In the financial planning part of our business we often deal with things that might be a little touchy.  Sometimes we have to tell you that you’re not saving enough money.  Sometimes you might even get annoyed with me.

I bet the same might even be true with you.  Have you ever had a disagreement with your significant other?  You might find that it’s almost predictable when you’re going to blow your cool.

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Topics: financial planning, relationship, temper

Lessons I Learned In My Writing Class

business secretsI’ve been taking a blog writing class for the last several months.  During the class I’ve learned several things that I hope have made my writing better and more enjoyable to read.  I find that I often have unintended results that happen when I take classes or try to learn something new.  Here are some of them.

Secret’s I’ve learned about life

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Topics: communication, relationship, roles, lessons learned

Are You An Early Adopter Or A Late Adopter

early adopter + late adopter

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Topics: relationship, roles, learning experiences

Want To Build Trust, Be Congruent

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Topics: communication, business relationship management, relationship, roles, trust

Starting A Suggestion Program, Have A Plan

 One of the best ways to improve your company is to have a formal suggestion program.  Employees have great ideas and we just need to ask and implement them for the ideas to start pouring out.

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Topics: relationship, roles, Change

Are You A Leader Or A Manager? – Enterprise Value

leaders and managersThere have been many articles written about leadership and management.  In my opinion one is not necessarily better than another.  In fact, I believe that in most organizations having competent management is just as important as having great leadership.

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Topics: enterprise value, relationship, roles

4 Lessons My Wife Taught Me

SuzanneThis entry could easily devolve into the absurd with wife jokes.  Instead I want to talk about real lessons and important things I’ve learned from my wife.

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Topics: wealth management, relationship, family

4 Ways To Manage Your Relationship With Your Business - Enterprise Value

RolesI often come across authors who have a big impact on how I think about business.  This recently has been true with an author named John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing.  If you haven’t read any of his stuff, you would do yourself a big favor if you did.

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Topics: business relationship management, relationship, roles

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