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What Did You Love Long Ago That You Can Love Again


Life is long, and it’s getting longer every year. If you were born in the 19th Century, your life span would have been short. If you were an adult in 1935 when Social Security started your life expectancy wasn’t even 65 years old.

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Is Your Life Fulfilling In Retirement?

I spend much of my time dealing with what’s called seller's remorse. This is when someone sells their business and then finds they wish they hadn’t. Besides seller's remorse, there’s also retiree’s remorse. Just like being unhappy after selling your business, you might become unhappy that you left your job.

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Are You Struggling With Retirement? - Video

Today's post is a video.  It's about retirement and whether the thought of retirement is causing you some problems. The truth is that for most people the answer woiuld be yes.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Social Security and Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

couple-receiving-bad-news-over-the-phone-at-home_BFItInRBi.jpgIf you're paying any attention, you've probably heard that the Social Security Trust Fund is running out of money.  In one respect this is true.  At the same time, the problem is not too big to fix today and hopefully, we'll see Congress get around to fixing it.

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You Always Have To Pay Yourself First

investment_G19mSIvd.jpgIf you ever want to retire, you must think about how you're going to save for retirement.  Here's some articles for around the web we found that are important as you think about ever being able to retire.

The problem you're probably facing is retirement is a long way off.  If you think that's true, think again.  I've seen far too many people, hopefully not like you who think they have plenty of time.  You're going to find that twenty and even thirty years goes by like a blink in time.  Really, you need to think about retiring today even though your retirement is thirty or forty years in the future.

Read the following two articles.  I think you'll find some good advice in both.

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Thinking About Retirement….Lose The Word Retire


Life spans continue to increase.  If you're alive at 65, there's a good chance you can be alive at 85.  I know there comes a time when you won't want to work or create any more, but do you want to have twenty or more years of this type of life?

A key to a healthy life is a life that keeps you engaged.

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5 Warning Signs Your Financial Plan Isn’t Working

5_Warning_Signs_Your_Financial_Plan_Isnt_Working.pngToo often we go through life thinking that things are going just fine. There are warning signs along the way but we just don't pay attention to them. I'm going to bet that most of you have had this problem at least once in your life.

Here are 5 things I would like you to think about to make sure that your plan doesn't let you down.

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You Say You Want To Retire…Retire to What?


You might be thinking that is time for you to retire. So my question to you would be, “Retire to what?”

Retirement is supposed to be a joyful time of your life. For some, this is true. At the same time there are too many people who retire or sell their business and wish they never had. I don’t want you to be one of them.

How are you going to fill your time?

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Are You Outspending Your Assets?



This is a question I want you to ask yourself. Too often we spend money and we don’t pay attention to the future.

The best way to find this out is to create a financial plan that shows your spending patterns, your saving patterns and your investment returns.

Read on to find out how this might affect you.

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The Horrible Side Effect of Retirement



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