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Learn To Manage Investment Losses - Investment Management

progressWe all love to watch our investments when we’re winning (meaning making money). We even act mostly rationally when we’re winning.

The problem comes in when we’re losing or not getting returns we think we should. This is when our behavior can cause us real problems.

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Topics: value creation, financial planning, wealth management, investment management, risk management

It’s Really OK To Take A Chance - Value Creation

Risk-Taker-I know that you think it’s OK to take a chance. We even have been taught that we’re supposed to take chances. Then, you get the opportunity and for whatever reason you decide to pass. It might be you think it’s just too risky or you might not want to look foolish.

I know that you don’t want to be foolish and sometimes the chance you’re thinking of taking is just too risky, or is it?

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Topics: cultural change, financial planning, risk management, stage 3,, stage 2,, welath management,

4 Reasons You Need To Budget

budget2 resized 600I love the concept of scenario planning.  At the same time I hate the idea of budgeting.  I just find budgeting drudgery that I do on an annual basis.  Sometimes my budget is accurate, but more often than not my budget ends up having little in common with what my actual year ends up being.

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Topics: business coaching, risk management, strategic planning

How Do You Deal With Risk?

risk control resized 600Like all broad questions the answer to this one is, “it depends.”  When you started your business did you think you were taking a risk?  If you were anything like me the answer would be a resounding no.  In fact, you might have not even thought about risk.  If you’re like many other business owners all you thought about was your business idea and how excited you became every time you thought about it.

As you got a little older you may have had a little success and you would think about risk, but never believing that bad things could happen to you.  Then one day it did.  Some sort of disaster happened and risk became a very real thing in your life.

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Topics: for business owners, value creation, risk management

4 Reasons Businesses Fail – Enterprise Value

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Topics: for business owners, financial planning, enterprise value, risk management

How We Got Here By Rob Slee - Credit Crisis

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Topics: Leadership, risk management, credit crisis

Perma-five and financial planning

Perma-fiveI’ve been talking about the concept of perma-five for years as it relates to when a business owner wants to leave their business.  Simply stated, perma-five is the state a business owner is when they don’t know how they’re going to leave their business or if they can afford to leave it.

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Topics: financial planning, risk management, perma-five

Is long term care insurance a good thing to buy today?

time is running out on long-term careLong-term care policies are under attack.  Or, at least that’s the way I see it.  In Vermont we just had one major carrier get out of the business and another has asked for a policy increase of 40%.

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Topics: wealth management, long term care, risk management, estate planning

Some very cool tax benefits for the next two years

Tax gifts for the next two yearsA holiday gift for taxpayers? After a 277-148 passage in the House and an 81-19 approval in the Senate, President Obama signed the 2010 Tax Relief Act into law on December 17, extending the Bush-era tax cuts.1 Here is the impact of the new legislation:

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Topics: asset management, financial planning, risk management, estate planning

5 reasons for a life insurance review in Burlington,Stowe, VT

life insurance VermontI often talk with Clients about their life insurance program.  Some people have life insurance for estate planning, others for business continuation and still others for survivorship planning.  In all cases I strongly believe that having a life insurance review process in place for all policies that are over five years old is important.

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Topics: life insurance, life insurance review, risk management, estate planning

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