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What I Did To Help Make My Employees Better - Creating Value

sucessful manager resized 600When I first started in business I worked under a false impression.  I thought the people who worked in my company were there to serve me.  Boy, was I wrong.

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Are You An Early Adopter Or A Late Adopter

early adopter + late adopter

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Want To Build Trust, Be Congruent

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Topics: communication, business relationship management, relationship, roles, trust

Starting A Suggestion Program, Have A Plan

 One of the best ways to improve your company is to have a formal suggestion program.  Employees have great ideas and we just need to ask and implement them for the ideas to start pouring out.

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Are You A Leader Or A Manager? – Enterprise Value

leaders and managersThere have been many articles written about leadership and management.  In my opinion one is not necessarily better than another.  In fact, I believe that in most organizations having competent management is just as important as having great leadership.

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4 Ways To Manage Your Relationship With Your Business - Enterprise Value

RolesI often come across authors who have a big impact on how I think about business.  This recently has been true with an author named John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing.  If you haven’t read any of his stuff, you would do yourself a big favor if you did.

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Topics: business relationship management, relationship, roles

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