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What Is A Sale Ready Business?

sale-readyI have a problem. My problem is: How do I explain what I do to someone I don’t know? I’ve tried telling people I help them work less. That’s a problem if you don’t want to work less. I sometimes tell people I help them create value in their business. If someone told me that I would have no idea what they meant. I’ve even told people I help them become operationally irrelevant in their business or become a passive owner. Again, it just doesn’t seem to resonate.

There is one thing that I really do help you with, and that’s making your business one that’s sale ready. You probably have a pretty good idea what that means. The problem is you might not be interested in selling your business. You see, I’m once again stuck.

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Selling To The Highest Bidder Is A Good Thing

forsale-signI’ve heard it all. I want to make sure the buyer takes care of my employees, my customers, my suppliers, and my community. I agree you should care about that. Then you should ask yourself this question, “When someone buys my business why should they care about what I want?”

Know why you’re selling your business.

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Is Your Business Sale Ready?

systems_and_value_creationNo, I’m not asking if you want to sell your business. I’m telling you that you need to make sure your business is sale ready. That is of course if you’re interested in creating value with your business.

Sale ready means your business is something someone else would want to own. Sale ready means that you’ve done things to create value in your business. It means that you’re doing things right as well as doing the right things. It doesn’t mean that you’re about to start marketing your business to a new owner.

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