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Where Is Your Business – Creating Value

bellcurve fin resized 600 resized 600When we started Stage 2 Planning Partners the idea of having a graphic with 3 stages was more than a clever idea about how to name a business.  It was and still is how we think about the natural progression of a successful business.

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The Joys Of A Traditional Small Business

small business owner cafe coffee shop 0614 art resized 600I used to call this type of business a lifestyle business.  This type of business is really the most traditional of all privately held businesses in this country.  It’s the type of business most of us think about when the term small business comes up.

If this type of business is you, you likely have about 5 to 25 employees and have been an owner for quite a while.  Some years you have pretty good years and others, it could be better, but you make a living.  You might not have had much formal business training.  Along the way you’ve learned a few things about what makes a business successful.

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Lobbying Is Your Civic Responsibility

Legislative session resized 600Soon, if it hasn’t already happened, National, State, and Local legislature will be back in session.  Hundreds if not thousands of bills will be introduced.  You’ll read about how politics is owned by the professional lobbying groups and you might even think that lobbying would be a waste of your time.

I can tell you from personal experience that the opposite is true.  Not only is lobbying not a waste of time, it’s your civic duty.  A duty that can make your life and country a better place.

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How To Reward The Real Job Creators

open sign small businessEveryone involved with government talks about the value of private business owners.  In the recent Presidential campaign both Governor Romney and President Obama stated that small business was crucial to the American economy.  They both said several times that small business was the engine that creates jobs in this country.

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