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The Only Way To Be Great Is To Love What You Do

love what you doUsing the word love in a business setting is something that we’re not supposed to do.  We’re not allowed to tell others that we’re motivated by love.  We’re not allowed to let others we know that we love them and we’re not allowed to use love as a motivating force.

At the same time, we do use love, even if we don’t admit it.  When you look at anyone who does great work, it’s because they love what they do.  Greatness doesn’t come from a belief that you have to do it.  It only comes from things you love.

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3 Steps To Becoming A Nicheaholic - Niche Management

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I Wish My Doctors Used Checklists

ChecklistLast winter I had an unfortunate experience.  I was run over by a snowboarder who was going about 40 miles per hour.  Fortunately, I was also moving at around 25 miles per hour.

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4 Reasons Experts Need Humility

ask an expert resized 600Expertise is important.  Experts bring technical skill to help us achieve outcomes that are important to us.  Doctors help us when we’re sick, architects design spaces that delight us, and engineers make sure we’re safe.  At the same time these experts can and often do develop an illusion that whatever their expertise is they can solve anything using it.

When your only tool is a hammer the whole world looks like a nail.  Experts often have a narrow view of the world.  If you visit with an expert in any field they often see the world through the lens of whatever world they spend time in. They see many ills and opportunities can be solved by more of whatever it is they do.

Attorneys might believe the world would be a better place if they were allowed to make the rules (oops, that example doesn’t work very well, many politicians are attorneys).  I noticed medical specialists have a belief that their specialty can help solve a medical problem and never look at the entire body to look at health in a holistic manner.  A specialist I recently worked with never looked at anything but my foot and ankle instead of my whole body when I was with them.

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4 Things That Help Apple Create Value

Apple logo Think Different resized 600Anyone that knows me knows that I’m in the bag for Apple.  I’ve been an Apple customer since 1978 and have owned dozens of their devices over the years.  My belief is that many in the media and the blogosphere don’t really get what makes Apple a special company. 

Here are four things I think make Apple unique and all are things that keep drawing me back to them:

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At Stage 2 We Love Niches

niche markets working togetherI’ve written extensively on niches and why I think they’re important.  When one has a niche they don’t have to re-invent the wheel every time they work with a new client.   We believe that having the right person serve a customer is an important.

At Stage 2 Planning Partners each of us has a different niche.  Some people would say that we’re inefficient in how we service our clients.  I would submit that we can help a wide variety of people by matching them with the right person in our firm.

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What Is Lean?


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4 Reasons You Need Specialists And Generalists In Your Life

search engine optimization specialists.22a img1.best seo companyI’ve been thinking about all of the areas I have a reasonable amount of knowledge in.  When I go through this list I realize that I’m really more a generalists than a specialist.  I have a strong working knowledge in literally everything a private business owner is likely to experience during their life.

My knowledge in some of these areas is very deep.  In others it’s broad and I’ve learned where to turn for help when my clients want to work in these areas.  Its important to know where I have strong competence and where another specialist can provide a better outcome than I.

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