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When Things Go Wrong –Taking On A Bad Customer

bad customer We’ve all done it; we’ve taken a customer on who we know we shouldn’t have taken, and once that customer is there we just don’t want to let them go.

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Topics: for business owners, communication, strategic marketing

How Often Do You Say No? – Niche Management

say no to say yes resized 600I find a key to managing your niche is tracking how often you say no to potential customers.  If you’re not saying no a significant amount of the time you don’t have a niche.  You might have a market segment that you work with but you don’t have a niche.

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Topics: for business owners, strategic marketing, niche management

3 Ways You Know You Have A Great Client

A  resized 600  I often talk with others about what the features are of a great client.  I consider this a major part of strategic marketing.

If you’ve been to any sales or marketing seminars you likely have been told that you need to segment your customers on some scale from A to D.  You also have likely been told you should nurture the A customers, promote the B customers and demote the C and D customers.

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Topics: communication, strategic marketing, clients

What Is Strategic Marketing And Why Should You Care?

marketing strategyI often talk about strategic marketing.  When I first start the conversation many people will ask what the relevance is for their company and themselves.  This is a good question and one worth taking a few minutes to talk about.

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