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You Need To Keep Excess Cash Outside Your Business

Strategy and Enterprise Value

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Topics: for business owners, financial planning, enterprise value, strategic planning

Is Private Equity For You?

Private Equity  I’ve had a couple of conversations recently with people who have made private equity deals and with some who are thinking about it.  Private equity can be the right choice for some, but for many it’s the wrong decision.

Private equity is interested in one thing: maximizing the return they get for the shareholders of their fund.  Most private business owners that I know have other things that lead the list of important things their business should do.  This is where a disconnect happens between private equity firms and owners who take this funding as part of their businesses capital structure.

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Topics: for business owners, Private Equity, strategic planning

3 Things You Might Want A Rent A CFO To Do

Creating_ValueI’m a huge fan of renting C suite people to work in many private businesses.  Most privately held businesses are not complicated enough to need a full time CFO, CMO, CIO or CTO.  At the same time all of them can use the services of people who could hold these credentials in larger companies.

The C suite is where strategic activity and ideas often happen.  This is not to say that people in the C suite should trickle ideas down to rank and file.  They should work with management to help put together strategic initiatives that can provide significant value to the business and the owner of that business.

I was having a conversation with Joe Worth from B2BCFO

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Topics: for business owners, private business owners, strategic planning

Mind Maps Allow Clients To See and Feel Plan Suggestions

mindmapMind maps are visual illustrations of activities or plans that are easily understood.  We use mind maps in our firm to help our clients understand complicated planning issues on a single page.  Instead of using a report that is several pages long, we often will illustrate the plan using a mind map.

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Topics: Mind Maps, niche clients, clients, understand complicated plans, strategic planning, niche management

4 Reasons Most Musical Groups Don’t Get It

MusicI recently had a chance to see Return to Forever at Humphrey’s by the Bay in San Diego.  I also stayed at the hotel, which allowed me to wander around while the band was setting up and going through their sound check.

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Topics: create tribes, free publicity, sharing photos, sharing music, strategic planning

4 Reasons You Don’t Want To Be An Entrepreneur

EntrepreneurMost of the work I do with our customers is help them develop businesses that provide personal wealth and create enterprise value.  This is an important part of the wealth management process.  Having a sustainable business that provides predictable cash flow is a worthy goal of any business.

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Topics: enterprise value, strategic planning, private business

An Objective Review Requires Focus – Strategic Planning

Focus and Strategic PlanningWhen I think about our Objective Review process I find I and our Clients like the modular approach that we use with this process.  It’s the targeted focus on one area of your company that makes the most sense to me when adopting our Objective Review program.

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Topics: for business owners, Focus, strategic planning

How To Develop A Niche Through Strategic Marketing

Niche MarketingI often ask clients about their analysis of their present customer base as it relates to both profitability as well how they fit within a niche that is served.  All too often there is a blank stare when I bring up either subject.

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Topics: wealth management, strategic planning, niche management

Real Estate Might Be Your Most Important Asset – Enterprise Value

enterprise valueBusiness owners always concentrate on their business when they think about building wealth.  For a business owner who is still running their business, this is appropriate behavior.

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Topics: for business owners, financial independence planning, enterprise value, strategic planning

An Easy Way To Make Sure Collaboration Happens

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Topics: business relationship management, enterprise value, business exit planning, collaboration, strategic planning, succession planning

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