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Can We Please Stop Waiting For The Sky To Fall?

sky is falling headline resized 600I’ve been listening to a lot of noise about how Medicare is going to bankrupt our nation.  I keep hearing we can’t afford to provide health care and we might as well give up now.

The only problem with this argument is that it supposes that everything that exists today will be how it’ll be ten, twenty, or thirty years from now.  I’m going to suggest that you ask yourself this question, “What was medical care like twenty or thirty years ago?”  Do you think it looks anything like it does today?

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It's The Second Idea That Counts

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There Is No Such Thing As A Prestigious Customer

prestigious customersI have a sister in law that works as a manager for a company that supports data centers for large companies.  They have a client that likes to remind them that they, the client, are a prestigious customer and as such deserve to get special attention with no extra fees.

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6 Reasons You Need To Love Numbers

Accountability through numbersI don’t just love numbers for numbers’ sake.  I love numbers because when everyone in an organization has one there are some magical things that happen.  Numbers are what we measure success with.  Numbers are where we see developmental needs.  Numbers are how we measure how well we’re doing.

I believe when we think about how everyone in our organization (As Geno Wickman believes) can have their own number we are on the way to having lots of good things happen.  Here are six of those good things:

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Are You A Visionary Or An Integrator?

Innovation Integration resized 600Many businesses get stuck.  They are started by an innovator who creates the idea and never bring in an integrator that makes that makes the business tactically excellent.

These two roles are often the difference between an OK company and a great one.  In the book “Traction, Get a Grip on Your Business”, Gino Wickman talks about the importance of these two roles.  I find that businesses that lack either of these roles lose a great opportunity. 

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Working Harder Is Just Not Very Smart

Work Smarter not HarderWe’ve all heard the saying, “don’t work harder, work smarter” but is that really the message we send to the people we work with?  We set artificial goals whether they make sense or not, when things go wrong we look for someone to blame, and we seem to have a hard time taking responsibility for what happens in our lives.

The problem we have in our society is that we really believe that working harder is the answer to most questions.  When someone works smarter we often will say their success is luck.

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Know When You’re Most Productive – Wealth Management

time management and productivityI’m back on Prednisone again.  One of the chemo drugs I was on during my cancer treatment has a very long tail, meaning that side effects can reoccur for a long time.  In this drug’s case, twenty years.

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Changing Your Culture, Choose Your Leaders Wisely

LeadershipWhether you are putting a lean initiative in your company or going for a systematic innovation system you will be asking the people in your company to change how they relate with each other.  When instituting any program that involves changing your culture you must choose your leaders carefully.

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Pillars As Part Of Mission – Wealth Management


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Installing A Suggestion Program – Start With Small Ideas

Suggestion program I’ve been reading a lot about “lean manufacturing” systems.  I love the idea of companies becoming lean and changing their culture and techniques for running those companies.  Not only will the company gain a great deal of efficiency and increased profits, but also employees are treated as valued partners in the process.

Click here to view information on our Stage 2 Strategic Value report.

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