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Jobs, Jobs Galore And No One To Fill Them

blog_june_12I was recently at John Mauldin’s Strategic Investment Conference.  One of the speakers was Neil Howe, a demographer who pays lots of attention to what’s going on in the country.  He mentioned during his talk that there are four million jobs openings right now.

Who would have thought that?  All we hear in the media is about all of the people who can’t find work.  Don’t you think it might be a good idea to spend at least a little time talking about this opportunity……or, is it a problem?

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Maybe Goals Are OK After All

GoalsA few months ago I attended Steve Farber’s Extreme Leadership program.  While there I ran across one of the more interesting presentations on goals I’ve seen in many years.

As a general rule I don’t like goals.  I usually find them arbitrary and based on getting to a particular destination.  That destination might be the right destination and it might be a particular number.

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The Only Way To Be Great Is To Love What You Do

love what you doUsing the word love in a business setting is something that we’re not supposed to do.  We’re not allowed to tell others that we’re motivated by love.  We’re not allowed to let others we know that we love them and we’re not allowed to use love as a motivating force.

At the same time, we do use love, even if we don’t admit it.  When you look at anyone who does great work, it’s because they love what they do.  Greatness doesn’t come from a belief that you have to do it.  It only comes from things you love.

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4 Reasons Experts Need Humility

ask an expert resized 600Expertise is important.  Experts bring technical skill to help us achieve outcomes that are important to us.  Doctors help us when we’re sick, architects design spaces that delight us, and engineers make sure we’re safe.  At the same time these experts can and often do develop an illusion that whatever their expertise is they can solve anything using it.

When your only tool is a hammer the whole world looks like a nail.  Experts often have a narrow view of the world.  If you visit with an expert in any field they often see the world through the lens of whatever world they spend time in. They see many ills and opportunities can be solved by more of whatever it is they do.

Attorneys might believe the world would be a better place if they were allowed to make the rules (oops, that example doesn’t work very well, many politicians are attorneys).  I noticed medical specialists have a belief that their specialty can help solve a medical problem and never look at the entire body to look at health in a holistic manner.  A specialist I recently worked with never looked at anything but my foot and ankle instead of my whole body when I was with them.

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Getting Rid Of Fear Builds A Better Life

fearWe all have fears.  At some level people in our organizations are fearful: We’re fearful that we’ll lose our job, we’re fearful someone will disapprove of what we’re doing, or we might be fearful that we’re just not good enough.

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The 5 S’s of Lean Manufacturing – Creating Value


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Should You Develop Your Weaknesses Or Strengths? – Wealth

Developing your strengths resized 600

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The Two Sweetest Words

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Are All Right Brained People ADD? – Wealth Management

rightbrain I’ve been wondering if ADD is a right-brained issue.  The right brain does not work in a sequential manner.  The left-brain wants to line up everything in neat little rows just like my schoolroom when I was a kid.

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Mission Should Precede What, Why And How

why how whatI’ve been trying to decide in what order planning should happen.  Most of the time we just do and don’t mindfully think about what we’re trying to accomplish.  We don’t see how our plans fit in with our mission.  If we do think about mission, we then don’t often think about what, why and how.

Mission should always be first.  Having an overarching view of what our life is about should always be the starting point.  If we don’t have a good value statement, then we might plan in a way that gives us the perfect solution to the wrong outcome.

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