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Managers Get What They Inspect, Not Expect

Inspection   business coaching resized 600I’ve been a fan of what my first mentor Shields Harvey calls the expect, inspect, accept form of management for over thirty years.  I’ve heard too many managers tell me, “I told them what to do.”  Telling is just the first step in getting people to be great at what they do.

There has to be an inspection process.  You’re not going to get what you want unless you’ve put an inspection process in place.  If you don’t have a process to manage the inspection process you’re going to have a hard time getting the results you want.

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Topics: systems, business coaching, Tactical Excellence, unique ability

5 Reasons You Need To Be Operationally Irrelevant

Operationally Irrelevant cat resized 600One my favorite terms is operationally irrelevant.  This is the stage in your business where you are completely out of the day-to-day operation of your business.

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Topics: operational irrelevance, enterprise value, Tactical Excellence, passive ownership

Profits Don’t Create Value – Creating Value

profits don't create value - creating valueI recently had a very interesting conversation with Chuck Richards, the CEO of CoreValue Software.  Chuck is in the business of helping private business owners evaluate what drives value in their business and where there are gaps that can be filled.  He does this through his software product, which I use and highly endorse.

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Topics: for business owners, value creation, Tactical Excellence

What Type Of CFO Should I Rent?

rent a CFOI’ve often written about renting senior management talent instead of buying it.  I believe the most important person to rent for your company should be a CFO (Chief Financial Officer).  A CFO can help you learn the language of finance and then help with strategic activities to move your company forward.
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Topics: Strategic Thought, Leadership, Tactical Excellence

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