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What Type Of Person Are You?

One of my favorite books from last year was Give and Take by Adam Grant.  In the book Mr. Grant breaks the world into three groups of people…..givers, takers and matchers.

When I tell people about the three types everyone wants to think of themselves as givers.  In reality most of us are a combination of all three with a tendency towards one trait over the other two.

Most of the world is matchers.
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Are You A Giver?

june_4One of the favorite books I’ve read in the past year is Give and Take by Adam Grant.  Mr. Grant talks about three types of people….givers, takers and matchers.

It’s interesting to note that the most successful of the three groups are the givers.  It’s also interesting that the least successful and most stressed out are also givers.  The question I have is why are some givers so successful and others not.

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