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You’ve Decided to Sell Your Business, Now What? – Business Exit Planning

Exit Planning Team resized 600You’ve made the giant decision; it’s time to sell your business.  Do you just hope someone comes and gives you two tons of money for your business or do you put together a team that can help you achieve your goals?  I vote for the team that can help with your goals.  Here are the people I think are important in helping you execute a successful sale and exit from your business.

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Topics: exit strategies, business exit planning, Team

Oops, I Hired The Wrong Person – Enterprise Value

New Hire We've all done it.  We thought we had a great person coming to work, they show up, and within a few hours we know we've made a mistake.  We won't often admit we made a mistake; admitting our mistake will take a few months.

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Topics: for business owners, enterprise value, learning experiences, Team

Tribal Leadership Is About We and Not Me

2137729430 11b29f9164Dave Logan talks about successful tribal leadership being about we versus me.  I find this concept true.  Most of time winning is about me.  Team sports are often about we, but many play team sports as if it’s about me.

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