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Feeling Burned Out, Here Are Some Ideas For You

burnt out resized 600Sometimes I get a phone call and the person on the other end of the phone’s first words are, “I need to get out of my business.”  When this happens I’m reasonably sure I’m dealing with someone who is burned out.

I can hear real pain in that statement.  You might have felt the same way.  You might even be feeling that way right now.  

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Know When You’re Most Productive – Wealth Management

time management and productivityI’m back on Prednisone again.  One of the chemo drugs I was on during my cancer treatment has a very long tail, meaning that side effects can reoccur for a long time.  In this drug’s case, twenty years.

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Over Committed? 4 Things That Can Help – Wealth Management

overwhelmed resized 600

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3 Reasons You Need To Answer Your Phone – Enterprise Value

I9750353’m a nut about returning phone calls and answering email.  It’s not always the most pleasant activity I have, but it surely is important.

Dan Sullivan from the Strategic Coach often talks about being referable.  The four things that he says you need to do are:

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Topics: time, wealth management, Mind Maps, business relationship management, build trust, enterprise value

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