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Put Your Phone Away - Now


That might be something my wife would say to me. Sometimes I think we’re just too connected to our electronic toys and it gets in the way of our relationships.

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Sometimes Done Isn’t Really Done

tasksI have an internet friend, Chris Lema (yes I know that sounds strange for a 61 year old) who has one of my very favorite sayings.  When he finishes a project he wants it to be be done done.  No, this is not a typo.  He really does mean done done.

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6 Ways to Create More Time

Time_mgmtOne of the issues I work with is a lack of time.  You have it, I have it.  There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day, or at least that’s what we believe.

I’ve found that being mindful of how you spend your time is an important activity.  There are so many interruptions in a day that we don’t even know where they come from.  In fact, I bet that if you try some of the following suggestions you’ll create extra time you never believed you would get.

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Do You Know How You Spend Your Time? - Coaching

pocketwatchWhen I owned my vending company my managers would often come to me and say they didn’t have enough time to do their work. The first thing I would do with them is ask them to start tracking their time. Not just generally how they spend their time. I asked them to keep a diary for four weeks with an entry every fifteen minutes.

I know this is a real pain in the neck. I know that your managers are likely going to push back really hard on this issue. I know that if you make them do it you and they will learn some really important lessons.

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