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Is Your Life Fulfilling In Retirement?

I spend much of my time dealing with what’s called seller's remorse. This is when someone sells their business and then finds they wish they hadn’t. Besides seller's remorse, there’s also retiree’s remorse. Just like being unhappy after selling your business, you might become unhappy that you left your job.

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Habits Are Hard To Change

Habits Are Hard To Change.jpgI bet you’ve had a time in your life where you wish that you did things in a different way.  You tried to make a change, but you found that you just couldn’t.  There was this annoying thing that got in your way.  That annoying thing……..it’s called a habit.

Too often you just give up when you figure it’s a habit getting in the way.  Instead why don’t you try some of the following to see if you can change what you do.

My fight with quitting cigarette smoking.

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Topics: life changes, transitions, changin habits

Having Problems……Look for What’s Working

Having Problems....Look for What's Working.pngI bet this has happened to you.  You’re working on something and you hit a snag. Or, you’re having a transition in your life.  Instead of focusing on what’s going well you do what most of us do, you focus on what’s not working.  What would happen if you decided to instead focus on what’s good about the change?

There’s a type of planning called appreciative inquiry.  It’s really pretty simple.  Instead of focusing on what’s not working you build off what is working.

Thinking negatively slows you down.

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Topics: life changes, transitions, positive psychology

8 Transition Issues You Just Might Face And What To Do About Them

Here's the truth you'll need to face.  You are going to go through major transitions in your life.  It's not if, it's when.

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8 Transition Solutions You Can Use Today




Transitions can be painful. Unlike change, transitions take a fair amount of time to complete. Because they take lots of time, we often get impatient and we don’t understand how they affect our decision-making ability and keep us from getting outcomes that we really want.

Here are some solutions to what I call the transition dilemma.

Is your transition voluntary or out of your control?

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Topics: thinking partner, transitions, changes

Finally A Solution About Dealing With Change

life_changesChange happens quickly.  It’s not something that takes forever.  It often is immediately preceded by a phone call.  It’s what happens after the phone call that takes a long time.

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