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4 Amazing Secrets about Trust

4_Amazing_Secrets_About_Trust.pngTrust is a funny topic. Not in the ha ha sense, but in one where we all have different opinions about it.

For some people trust should come unconditionally and for others trust comes because others have earned it. I tend to be in the second school and believe that trust is earned and often re-earned over a period of time.

Let’s start with what builds trust.

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Case Study - The Best Way For You To Make Your Life Better

make_life_better-1Sometimes you have a business and you know there’s something wrong, but just can’t place your finger on it.  Then, you look around and notice that every time a particular person walks in the room your stomach gets a little tight and you just don’t feel as well as you did before they walked into the room.

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6 Ways Of Dealing With No Cash - Wealth Management in VT

cash_flowsThe worst thing that can ever happen in your business is to run out of cash.  Without cash you can’t play the game anymore.  Your suppliers won’t ship, your employees will quit and your competitors will circle like the vultures they are.

You won’t sleep and your life will become miserable.  Unfortunately, there are times in your business life where you’re going to be short on cash.  It seems to be part of the deal. 

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Topics: trust, cash flow management, business management

3 Things Your Creative Teams Need

Your probably getting really sick of reading and hearing about how important innovation is in your business.  You might even wish the world will stop for a while and let you get caught up.  It’s all about new, new, new, and more new.  I bet there are times where you just want to breath and say stop…..

Well, I guess you’ve come to the wrong place today.  We’re not going to talk about stop.  Instead, let’s spend a little time about what makes for great innovation.  Innovation comes from creativity and there are three things I want you to consider.

Do you trust those you’re working with?

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Topics: trust, goals, creating value

Financial Advisor in VT: Do You Ask For Help?

august_27The United States is the home of the rugged individualist.  Or is it?

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Topics: advisors, trust, second opinions

Financial Planning in Burlington VT: Where Does Trust Fit Into Change?

Financial Planning in BurlingtonAre any of these things happening your life?  You might be getting to retire.  You might be getting ready to sell your business.  Maybe you’re in the middle of a divorce or your might have just lost a loved one.

You get the idea, change is part of life and when change happens you’ll need to have people you trust.  Trust is something you need to take very seriously.  Here are some things you might want to think about as you evaluate who to bring into your circle during a time of change.

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Topics: financial planning, trust, life changes

Collaboration Starts At Home

collaborationIf you read any management literature you’re going to see how important collaboration is in a successful organization.  I agree, collaboration is important.  At the same time it seems awfully hard to do.  I wonder why that’s true?

I bet you’ve been frustrated when you tried to collaborate with others.  In fact, I bet most of the time if you get to cooperation you’re pretty happy.  There has to be a better way to move from being a lone ranger to working in a collaborative environment.

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Topics: wealth management, trust, collaboration

8 Lessons I learned From Mastermind Groups

mastermind_groupsI’m a huge fan of peer-to-peer groups.  I’ve been involved in them for over 35 years.  During this time I’ve had great experiences and some of them haven’t been so good.  I thought this might be a good time to reminisce and cover some of the lessons that I’ve learned as what it takes to have a great group.

You must have confidentiality.

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Topics: trust, mastermind groups, business value

5 Ways To Manage Change - Personal Change

changeAnytime we go through a major life change we’re moving from the old us to the new us.  There’s a period of time where everything feels out of sort.  We might feel that we’ll never move out of this stage.  Sometimes we just plainly get stuck.  Here are 5 things to think about if you’re going through this process.

Understand it’s not permanent.

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Topics: communication skills, trust, Change

How Do You Know You Trust Someone?

trustThis is a central question I believe everyone who works with our firm should ask. You share important information about your finances, dreams, and life with us. You aren’t going to do that unless you have a high level of trust in us. I spend a lot of time thinking about this and working with our staff to learn about how trust is built and how to audit our actions to make sure we’re acting in a trustworthy manner.

Several years ago I ran across a book called The Trusted Advisor. The genius in this book is the authors developed a formula for you to easily check whether you’re being trustworthy.

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