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Are You Trustworthy?









A book that I think is required reading for anyone who has relationships with other people (meaning YOU need to read this book) is The Trusted Advisor. This book has provided me with an easy formula that I use everyday. The formula is an easy way to know if I’m building or losing trust with someone.

OK, what is this great equation?

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Institutions Let Us Down

american institutions resized 600I’m writing this on October 16th.  We still have a shut down government and we’re all on pins and needles wondering if Congress is going to raise the debt ceiling.  Some of us are blaming the Republicans and some the Democrats.  For me, it probably should be neither.

It’s not the government it’s institutions.

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5 Ways To Create Change That Doesn’t Hurt

Antique Bike Miniature resized 600A lot of the time new equals change.  New could also be a different way of looking at something.  It could be finding something funny that you never noticed before.  It even could be a different way of practicing.

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Is It Possible To Have Love Without Trust?

love and trust resized 600I know this looks like a pretty stupid question.  I asked it for a reason.  I want you to think about how trust fits into your life.  I want you to realize that without trust intimacy is probably not possible.  Without trust in your life, it’s going to be very hard having a good life.

Trust is at the core of everything that’s important in your life.

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10 Steps To Build A Peer-To-Peer Group

Peer Group resized 600I’m a big fan of what’s called peer-to-peer groups.  I’ve been a member of several of these groups over the years.  Some have worked and have provided me needed feedback.  Then there are the ones that I probably would have been better off not participating in.

I think everyone should be involved in a peer-to-peer group.  I also think you should get value when you do.  Here are some rules you might want to consider:

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Silo’s Are Evil

OpsSilo resized 600One of the worst things you can have in your company is what I call “silo thinking”.  This is where your people are concerned about what’s going on in their department and don’t really care what’s going on in other parts of the company.

What causes silo thinking?

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Without Trust Nothing Happens

trust resized 600Why is it that you might have a hard time trusting any professional you work with?  I think this is a question that we as professionals and advisors to private business owners need to answer.

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Use Personas To Think About Your Customers

describe the imageI’ll admit that I’m a nicheaholic.  I love it when businesses focus on what they’re really good at.  Both the business’ customers and the business benefit.

One of the challenges that I see in developing a message about your niche is being able to define it.  I recently learned a new technique that has helped me along this road and I bet it just might help you too.

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Learn To Love The Word “And”

andStop using the word but.  I don’t mean cut down on using the word, I mean completely stop using the word.  It’s a word that misused and helps those you talk with not believe much of what you say.

If you were to say to me, “I love your idea but I think you need to re-think parts of it.” I would know that you didn’t love my idea.  In fact, you probably hate my idea.

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When Win/Win Is Possible

Win Win resized 600I’ve written on the topic of win/win versus win/lose quite a bit.  Every time I write a post on the topic friends of mine push back really hard.  After thinking about their comments I’ve realized there’s another piece to win/win or don’t play.  You have to be in the world of an expanding universe for a win/win attitude to make sense.

There are two types of worlds we live in.

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