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Wrong Person Wrong Seat – Don’t Let It Happen To You



I had a client who had an interesting dilemma. He had a general manager in his company who was doing a truly terrible job. At the same time this owner had allowed this manager to stick around for 7 years while he continually cleaned up the manager’s messes.

On top of the manager doing a lousy job both the owner and the general manager hated each other. I know, hate is a really strong word, but in this case it’s the right one.

I hope this isn’t the case in your business or life. At the same time this story might provide a warning for you.

The owner didn’t want to admit his mistake.

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Do You Treat Your Employees As Your Best Customers?

mediumNo, this is not a joke; it’s a real question. I often wonder why people I know complain about their employees’ customer service when they treat their employees poorly. They don’t seem to get that if they don’t treat their employees well their employees won’t treat their customers well.

Go back to the time you had a bad boss.

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Are You Open Enough? – Life Changes


One of the interesting things about living in the United States that if you’re a male or a leader you’re not allowed to be vulnerable. I find that state of affairs one that doesn’t 

help us make our lives better.

I don’t know about you but I’ve had times where I’ve allowe

d myself to be vulnerable that have led to great outcomes. It’s when I’ve taken the biggest personal risks to my ego that I’ve gotten the best returns.

Being vulnerable means you’re willing to listen.

If you’re being vulnerable you’ve put yourself in a position to listen to what others say. It’s pretty hard to be arrogant and highly narcissistic when you’re vulnerable.

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Are You Trustworthy?









A book that I think is required reading for anyone who has relationships with other people (meaning YOU need to read this book) is The Trusted Advisor. This book has provided me with an easy formula that I use everyday. The formula is an easy way to know if I’m building or losing trust with someone.

OK, what is this great equation?

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Stop Inspecting For Quality - Value Creation

inspectorToo many times we make sure we’ve done good work after we’re done.  This is the traditional way of making sure that we’re creating great products.  Let’s try something different. Instead of inspecting quality in at the end of your process, why don’t you build your quality in as you build your product?

Building quality in is always better than inspecting it in.

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5 Reasons You Need Artists In Your Company

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It’s Not About Culture, It’s About Fit

describe the imageI was recently on an Internet Radio show and was talking about culture as it relates to hiring people.  During the show I was continually asked to define culture and have a way for others to know what a company’s culture is. 

While I was talking I discovered it’s not about culture.  Let’s face it; I can try to describe the culture in my company all day long and after an hour you’re still not going to get it.  On the other hand, if I list five things that it takes to fit in at my company, you’ll get that.

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How To Hire The Best

ambition resized 600Hiring people is always a challenge.  When you’re looking for someone to help move your company forward you’re likely to be presented with a dilemma:  Is it ability or ambition that’s most important?

If you believe modern culture, it’s all about ability.  Those with natural talent always win the race.  I’m not sure that belief is true.  I’ve met lots of people with tons of ability.  Many of these people haven’t done an awful lot with their life.

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How To Fire An Advisor

youre fired resized 600If you’re a business owner you’ve had to fire employees.  I also bet you’ve had to fire an advisor.  You might not think of it as a firing, but it is.  You’ve decided you no longer want to work with an advisor, a consultant, or a coach.  I believe it’s just as important to fire an advisor using the same principles as firing an employee.

Should you give you advisor a warning?

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Want Success? Do What You’re Good At!

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