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Are You Struggling With Retirement? - Video

Today's post is a video.  It's about retirement and whether the thought of retirement is causing you some problems. The truth is that for most people the answer woiuld be yes.

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Topics: retirement, valuation for wealth management firms, retirement remorse

Is Passive Ownership Possible In A Wealth Management Firm?

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Topics: enterprise value, valuation for wealth management firms, passive ownership

Valuation and Wealth Management Firms

business valuation sidebar resized 600I’ve recently been doing some work on determining financial value for financial planning/investment management firms.  These are the firms who develop significant cash flow based on a percentage of assets under management.

One of the firms we are working with is being courted by a consolidator who is rolling up investment management firms.  They are paying ten times free cash flow on closing and fourteen times free cash flow in the future based on certain performance metrics being met.

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Topics: exit planning, business exit planning, Valuation, valuation for wealth management firms, Exit planning for advisors

Remember To Ask Why? – Wealth Management

whyI was just reading Jay Goltz’s recent entry in the You’re the Boss Blog on the New York Times website. The topic was avoiding the growth trap. 

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Topics: wealth management, wealth, valuation for wealth management firms

4 Ways To Create Enterprise Value In A Wealth Management Firm

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Topics: enterprise value, business exit planning, niche planning, valuation for wealth management firms, niche management

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