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6 Ways to Create More Time

Time_mgmtOne of the issues I work with is a lack of time.  You have it, I have it.  There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day, or at least that’s what we believe.

I’ve found that being mindful of how you spend your time is an important activity.  There are so many interruptions in a day that we don’t even know where they come from.  In fact, I bet that if you try some of the following suggestions you’ll create extra time you never believed you would get.

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What Is Wealth - Wealth Management in Burlington,Vermont

wealthandhappinessThis seems like a fairly straight forward question. What is wealth? No only what is wealth, but why would you even care about something like that?

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Do You Know What Your Business Is Worth? – Exit Planning

business_valueI would be willing to bet the answer is no. You might think you know what your business is worth. You might even have done a formal valuation to find out what your business is worth. Knowing what your business is worth is both complicated and easy at the same time.

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What Are Hidden Metrics And Why Should You Care?

key_metrics-1I recently wrote a post in the NY Times on the concept of hidden metrics. A hidden metric is a measurement that you use in your company that is not included in your normal financial statements. It’s usually something you’ve developed that helps you understand your business better.

Hidden metrics are prospective.

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Stop Writing Long Reports

scrollYou can add long business plans, long marketing plans, long job descriptions; you get the idea. If at all possible stop writing long reports and plans. No one wants to read long reports and once they’re read they’re never looked at again.

The longer the report the less clear you’ll be.

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Socrates Had It Right – Creating Value

socratesThe Socratic method is asking questions with the expectation that the person you’re talking with knows the answer. I’ve learned this is the most effective way of having someone learn and get your point across to others.

A good question is the silver bullet in managing others. If you can help others discover what’s important they’re likely going to learn way better than if you just tell them.

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Think About Not Yet Instead Of Yes

120620-Decision-Fatigue-300x300Every day I think about the choices I make. Every day I get stronger when I say the word no. Then, there are those times where I ask, “should I be saying no or would not yet make more sense?” What about you? Are there times that you would rather not give an answer and really don’t know what that answer should be?

The answer isn’t always clear.

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Do You Treat Your Employees As Your Best Customers?

mediumNo, this is not a joke; it’s a real question. I often wonder why people I know complain about their employees’ customer service when they treat their employees poorly. They don’t seem to get that if they don’t treat their employees well their employees won’t treat their customers well.

Go back to the time you had a bad boss.

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Are You Ready To Ship - Innovation

ready_to_shipI love the term minimally viable product. It means your product can be used; it’s just not ready for prime time. It’s where you start to get feedback from customers on whether you’re on the right track. I recently wrote a post on this topic for the NY Times.

Too often I see companies wait until they’ve built the perfect mousetrap before they let others see the work they’ve done. My advice is get your new product out there as fast as possible. It helps you do several things:

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What Is Growth? - Cash Flow Management

growthIf someone asks you how you are going to grow your business I bet your answer will be explaining how you’re going to grow sales. For most that’s the answer. Sometimes it makes sense to look at another option. Instead of growing sales how about growing profits?

Does it always make sense to make your business bigger?

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