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Three Reasons Personal Values Should Drive Your Life

Values resized 600There are just too many people in the world that believe life isn’t fair and life isn’t fun.  I've often had people join companies I've run who's world view is the world and everything in it stinks.  

My goal has always been to help people with this attitutde to move to a point where they think about their world in a more positive manner.  My ultimate goal has always been to have those around me me think about we and how we can make the world (or at least our company) a better place.

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Making A Peer To Peer Group Work

peer to peer trustI’ve been in several peer-to-peer groups over the years.  These groups have ranged from ad hoc groups that were put together, industry specific groups, and formal groups in YPO (Young Presidents Organization). 

All of them have one thing in common:  They never work well until someone decides to take a risk.  The risk that has to be taken is when one of the members of the group spills something to the rest of the group that is both embarrassing and confidential.

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Understanding Your Most Important Asset – Financial Planning


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7 Books I Recommend – Creating Value

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10 Steps To Creating A Meaningful Bonus Plan – Enterprise Value

incentive compensation I’m a huge fan of incentive compensation.  I find people will do what they get paid to do.  Unfortunately most incentive compensation programs I see are “pennies from heaven” programs.

This means that the participants in a bonus program get the bonus but don’t know why they got the bonus or don’t understand what actions have brought the extra compensation.  If this is the case in your company your bonus program is not getting or helping to get any particular behavior from your employees.

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Business Exit Planning Is About Flexibility

Exit PlanningPutting together an exit plan is about having plans that are flexible and fit your needs.  In fact, most of the time we believe that business exit planning and scenario plans go hand in hand.

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Four Mistakes That Are Made Around Mission, Vision, Values, And Goals

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