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Some Thoughts On Mastery – Wealth

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Burned Buscuits, A Parable – Wealth Management

Wealth Management

One of the friendships I value the most is mine with Peter Asch and his family.  There isn’t a group of people I have more respect for.  Both of Peter’s parents are great role models.

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Remember To Ask Why? – Wealth Management

whyI was just reading Jay Goltz’s recent entry in the You’re the Boss Blog on the New York Times website. The topic was avoiding the growth trap. 

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Exit Planning Needs To Be Part Of A Wealth Management Process

wealth managementI’ve been part of the exit-planning world for over fifteen years.  I keep seeing those who practice exit-planning act like it’s a discrete process that should be done for those who want to leave their business.

I believe that exit planning is just one of the many areas that comprise comprehensive wealth management for owners of private businesses.  Because the overarching activity is wealth management, an exit plan by itself is usually not necessary.

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5 Lessons From Murphy And Oscar - Dogs

Murphy and OscarHi, my name is Murphy and mine is Oscar.  Dad has decided to let us make this week’s blog entry on lessons learned.  We’re not the smartest animals in the kingdom, but there are certain things we know.

We know that biscuits are wonderful, naps are good, pets are even better and everyone who comes to visit is really coming to visit us.  We also haven’t learned English very well, but we’re trying.

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Two Reasons The Economy Is Not Likely To Rebound Soon

wounded piggy bank recession webIn 2000 I wrote an article in Vending and OCS News about keeping some powder (cash) dry.  In the article I argued that we were likely to see a recession in 1998 and a significant downturn in 2012 that was going to last for about ten years.

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4 Things I Appreciate About My Sister

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