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Do You Want Your Customers To Love You?

customersloveI already know the answer to this question. Of course you want your customers to   love you. After all, isn’t that one of the reasons you decided to get into business?

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Questions You Need To Ask Before You Invest

questionIt’s not a secret that you should be saving for retirement. Whether you decide to retire or not, having the option to stop working is something I hope you’re interested in pursuing. If not, then you probably can move on, skip this post and save five minutes of your time. At the same time investing is not something you should start on a whim. Like all major projects in your life a little thought about what you’re trying to accomplish will go a long ways in helping you achieve an outcome you’re happy with.

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A Tale of Two Families

1Learn The Lessons Of Opportunity Lost

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And You Tell Me You Don’t Have Time For Vacations..

hope-and-expectation1Really, you are kidding aren’t you?

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Does An Entitled Child Keep You From Retiring?

investor_or_speculatorHere’s a sad story.  You’ve saved your entire life for the day you can retire.  You’ve brought up your children and you hope that they’ll have productive lives.  Unfortunately, one of your children never seems to grow up.  That child dropped out of school, has continually gotten into trouble and you feel that you have to keep helping.

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Why Most Acquisitions Fail


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Change How You Set Goals

hope-and-expectation1I really dislike numeric goals.  A numeric goal means that more is better.  I’m not sure that’s always true.  If making more money means spending less time with my family am I better off?  If making seven sales calls a day instead of three sales calls a day means I’m talking to the wrong people is that a good thing?

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Be Brave And Fulfill Your Customers Expectations

investor_or_speculatorI recently had a horrible experience with one of the large bed companies in the country.  You see, I have a problem sleeping.  It comes from the peripheral neuropathy that’s left over from my cancer treatments. 

For some reason when I lie down my feet start to scream in pain.  Sometimes it takes an hour or two before I can fall asleep.  And then, after just a few hours of sleep my feet wake me up.

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Do You Confuse Hope and Expectation?

hope-and-expectation1Here’s a problem we all have.  We hope for something and once we start hoping it’ll come true, we expect that it’ll come true.  Is this something you’ve seen?

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6 Reasons You Won’t Delegate And How You’re Limiting Yourself

changeI find that one of the main differences between successful businesses and those that don’t do as well is the ability of the owner to delegate effectively.  Delegation is one part science and one part art.  Knowing what and who to delegate to is part of being effective.

Delegation is not abdication.

When you ask someone to take over a job in your company you are delegating a task or responsibility.  This doesn’t mean you can assign the task and forget about it.  Or at least most of the time you can’t.

When you ask someone to take something on they will probably need a little support.  Are you willing to help provide that support?  If not, then delegation is not going to be in the cards for you.

Know the skills of the people you delegate to.

If you have an administrative person who’s never done bookkeeping you might want to think twice before you have them take over your checkbook.  Make sure that when you delegate an activity the person you delegate to has a good chance of doing the job well.

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