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5 Reasons You Need To Do a Life Insurance Review

5_Reasons_You_Need_To_Do_a_Life_Insurance_Review.pngI often talk with Clients about their life insurance program.  Some people have life insurance for estate planning, others for business continuation and still others for survivorship planning.  In all cases you might want to get yourself a life insurance review.

If you’re interested in what my five reasons are… on:

Your insurance company could be having a bad run.

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How Do Your Values Stack Up With Your Spouse

How_Do_Your_Values_Stack_Up_Wtih_Your_Spouse.pngI often talk with clients about what they want in life. Before we get into the specifics about what you want I think you have to have a conversation about you about values.

This conversation needs to include both leaders in the family. That means if the husband first contacted me about working together I need to understand both his values and his significant other’s values. If we don’t do this, there is a very good chance that will be putting a plan together that does not accurately reflect the wants and needs of both people in a relationship.

I’m sure this is something that you don’t want to have happen to you and if it is something you want to prevent, then read on.

Start by understanding your values.

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The Social Security Dilemma…..When Should You Start Collecting It?

The_Social_Security_Dilemma_1.pngIf this was 1965 I might be writing a post about how to take advantage of the pension plan you have at work.  For the most part, a traditional pension plan is a thing of the past.  Today, you have to depend on what you save in your individual retirement accounts as well as thinking about the choices you have with social security.

If you’ve followed this blog for any period of time you’ve heard me rant about it’s not the investments so much as the amount you save.  Knowing how much you need to save is something you need to think about.  Another decision you’re going to have to make is when to start collecting social security.

You have more choices than you think.

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8 Transition Issues You Just Might Face And What To Do About Them

Here's the truth you'll need to face.  You are going to go through major transitions in your life.  It's not if, it's when.

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3 Things You Need To Do Before Selling Your Business

3_Things_You_Need_To_Do_Before_Selling_Your_Business.pngFor lots of business owners like you the Holy Grail of having a successful business is being able to sell it to a 3rd party when it becomes time for you to retire. Before you even think about getting ready to sell your business you’re going to have get your business in a position where a buyer is going to want it.

You might think a buyer is going to want your business, warts and all. You might even be able to find someone to buy it. I would be very surprised that if you haven’t fixed these three things you’re going to have a hard time finding a buyer who is interested in your business at a price you want to sell it at.

Start with becoming operationally irrelevant.
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There's Never Been A More Important Time To Share Your Will

The first question you need to answer is do you have a will?  After all, according to Tom Deans in Willing Wisdom about 50% the people in the US don't even have a will?

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A Guide To Setting Up Your Bucket System

Watch this five minute video as Josh Patrick takes you through what he believes is the secret to staying invested......even when you don't want to.

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A Short Primer to Help You Stay Invested

The_Bucket_System_-_Stage_2_Planning.pngInvesting can be a tricky business. Too often you put all your money in one place. Then, when the market tanks you get nervous and change your investments around. Often, this is the worst thing that you can do at the time you make your investment changes.

For years we've been working with our clients and what we call the bucket system. I think that it just might help you stay invested when you're inclined to pull your money at the worst possible time.

To learn more read on:

Start with opening three accounts.

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6 Questions You Need To Ask Before You Invest

Today we're going to tackle the world of investments and whether you should do it yourself or work with an investment advisor. Watch the video below and if you have thoughts, click here and let me know what you think.


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Are You Saving Enough

Here's an issue you probably are facing and you may not even know it. There's a very good chance you're not saving enough. Why don't you spend a few minutes watching this video. You'll get some great ideas on what you need to be doing to make sure you do save enough and get to retire on your terms.

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